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The European Project MAXIMUS: Integrating Gamification in Educational Contexts

The European Project MAXIMUS: Integrating Gamification in Educational Contexts

The launch of the European project MAXIMUS signals the beginning of a contribution aiming to amplify the educational impact, with the integration of gamification means. Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is delighted with its participation in this cooperation. The Erasmus+ programme supports the mission of MAXIMUS strategic partnership. The complete title of the project is “MAXIMUS – Maximising learners’ motivation, engagement and learning through gamification”.

The European Project MAXIMUS and its Action Plan

Reinforcement of the learning and teaching process is the core of the MAXIMUS project formation. The idea is trigger reactions of enthusiasm in educational contexts, like those found in games. The partnership intends to stimulate learners’ motivation and engagement, through the incorporation of game dynamics.

The European project MAXIMUS intends to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Deploy technology’s potentials to increase the stimuli levels in classrooms.
  • Enhance learners’ engagement and motivation. In parallel, learners sharpen their transversal skills, critical thinking, and creative expression.
  • Enable learners to monitor in their own progress.
  • Create an open and accessible environment for the school community.
  • Set SMART achievable goals to reinforce teaching and learning processes.
  • Provision of teaching tools to engage and motivate students.
  • Finally, enable teachers to monitor learners progress in a variety of areas.

For the objective’s achievement, the project’s design foresees the delivery of the following intellectual outputs:

  1. Design and development of a MAXIMUS system.
  2. Production of audio-visual instruction.
  3. Platform testing and upgrade to application.

It is a cooperation of 7 organizations from the countries of Slovakia; Spain; Greece; and Portugal.

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