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The importance of digital skills for young people in Europe


It is a given that young people across the world have a much higher level of education regarding digital skills and competences. That is a natural outcome, considering the rapid evolution of technology and the way the labor market has formed over the past few years.

Digital skills are very important for young people nowadays and here is why. There is not a job out there today that does not demand even the slightest knowledge of digital skills. Everyone needs to know how to use a computer to do at least the minimum. And that is not to surf the internet.

Being a young person nowadays, and wanting to work for a company means that you will need to know how to use a computer to separate and save files, to communicate with your co-workers and to complete tasks that are necessary for the business. These are just the minimum digital skills.

Without them, young people to don’t stand a chance of finding proper employment. But nowadays, companies want even more. A person needs to enhance his or her digital skills to make sure that will be able to cope with the necessary requirements of their work. At the same time, they need to have the digital skills needed for other tasks, even if it is not an obligation of theirs.

The more digital skills a person has the more attractive their resume is going to be. Try to imagine being the kind of person that can take care of any digital problem that might appear just because you can. You would be a valuable asset for the company you are working for.

Now there are many different ways for you to enhance your digital skills. The European Union supports young people and their effort to increase their skills and competences. European Projects like the Up To Youth project are able to provide young people with the ability to actually perfecting a number of digital skills that will help them find a job.

The most important reason why skills are important for young people today is the fact that they are able to solve a large part of the unemployment problem!

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