Tips for SME Management

There is an interesting tendency among the managers of small and medium business: they work all day long, have practically no rest but there is always much work to do. Let’s answer some questions. Does your business take all your forces and doesn’t bring enough profit? Does everyday routine overwhelms you and steals the time for your rest? The more your business grows the less effective it becomes, doesn’t it? If the answers are “yes”, I have good and bad news for you. The bad news is that there is nobody who can cope with your business better than you, but the good news is that if you build a good technology of company management, provide your employees with the tools of an effective management, you will be able to delegate more and to have more rest.

It was interesting to notice that when you start the business everybody does everything, this process is easy to manage and a good team works well. Some time later the company’s turnover starts to grow, the quantity of employees also growth, but the efficiency decreases. In this case the manager has not only to do his work, but also to advise others what to do and sometimes even to do the work of other people. If you feel that the work overwhelms you and you loses the control, take some time and analyze what you do wrong and how to cope with the issue.

Management is not a rocket science. All the tools and rules are already created. Just imagine that you don’t have hands and legs and that your staff is your hands and legs. Thus, if you want to do something, they have to do that for you.

Here are some tips how to make your employees work well instead of you:
  1. Write down all the functions that you fulfil.
  2. Group these functions.
  3. Choose the functions that have nothing to do with management.
  4. Describe what and how you were doing and how the result should look like.
  5. Choose the employee who can fulfil this function best of all.
  6. Let him study what you have written.
  7. Demonstrate how this task should be done.
  8. Fulfil this task together with this employee.
  9. Make this person do this task himself.
  10. Show him the mistakes, correct them and observe still for some time how this employee fulfils the task given.

The employees will be able to do their tasks well only in the case they definitely know how to do them and they are given all the necessary tools and resources. Spend enough time to build a good team and make them grow professionally. Your main tasks are to organize your employees, make them work productively as a team, to constantly give them tasks and create the conditions for their fulfilment, to train and teach them but never to do the work instead of them. Good luck in this interesting function!

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