‘TOGETHER’ Activities Launched During Kick-Off Meeting

The “TOGETHER –TOwards a cultural understandinG of thE Other” project’s activities were officially launched during an online kick-off meeting held on November 19, 2020, attended by the members of the partnering organizations.

The meeting was organized by the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development LTD (iED) – Cyprus. It constitutes a great opportunity for all partners to convene and discuss the various parts in relation to the research section, the quality assurance, the valorization, and the technology frameworks during the project’s life cycle.

Vayia Kyratzouli, the facilitator from iED, inaugurated the conference with a welcome note and opening remarks.

‘TOGETHER’ project manager Xanthippi Kontogianni from CulturePolis took over to present the Report Template, the Timesheets, the Project Management Toolkit, and the Memorandum of Understanding / Partners Agreement. A group discussion followed the presentation.

Irine Surmanidze – researcher at Georgian Arts and CultureCenter, Georgia, presented the first Intellectual Output, the Comparative Analysis Report. In contrast, Xanthippi Kontogianni from CulturePolis presented the second Intellectual Output designated for the Ambassadors Curriculum.

Afterwards, the President of LDN Amin Nehme and the Communication Coordinator Antoinette Moubarak simultaneously presented the Outline of the Dissemination and Sustainability Plan.

The meeting was concluded by discussing the Internal Risk Assessment part of the project.

‘TOGETHER’ is a two-year Erasmus+ funded project. It derives from the need to create the bonds, establish the appropriate awareness, and promote the common values vis-a-vis the intercultural dialogue between the EU and the neighboring countries.

It mainly seeks to empower all sectors in society through building bridges between people, reinforcing mutual understanding, and boosting economic and social development to enable Europe and its neighbors face the common challenges, and achieve social cohesion and sustainability.

The Consortium of TOGETHER is comprised of: CulturePolis – Greece, A.B. Institute of Entrepreneurship Development LTD (iED) – Cyprus, Eworx Ypiresies Ilektronikou Epicheirein Anonymos Etaireia (EWORX) – Greece, Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa Associazione Culturale (FPD) – Italy, Georgian Arts & Culture Center (GACC) – Georgia and the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) – Lebanon.

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Vasilis Bouronikos
Content & Communication Manager

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