Training activity of the project “Move Up-Boosting the social skills of adults for better employability and success at work”

The general consensus is that a person’s social skills play a very important role in our everyday life and in our professional life. Of course, it is known that a large portion of the world does not have the time, and many times even the resources, to be able to develop them or engage in a training activity to boost them.

Through the project “MOVE UP-Boosting the social skills of adults for better employability and success at work, we tried to analyze them. After desk researches and focus groups meetings that partners from Turkey, Austria, England and Portugal, and Greece implemented in their countries, we recognized and developed the social skills of the employees according to their profession. According to that, we defined 120 occupations and 60 skills.

The main objective of the training activity that took place in Larissa, in the premises of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, was that trainers/partners/educators from the partner countries would be informed on the way that they can provide training to adults on the social skills through the web-based platform that is freely accessible to all and provides useful information on the social skills necessary for the profession they are pursuing, but also the ways that they can develop them.

You can find the platform through this link:

If you want to learn more about our project and the activities that we followed within the lifetime of the project, you can have a look at the website of the project:

This project aimed at giving an opportunity for low-skilled blue/pink collar workers to develop their social skills by preparing an online web portal. This portal is personalized for each user after taking a test during the sign-up process to assess the needs of the user and special social skill needs according to the user’s occupation. After identifying the needs of the user, content for developing these skills is presented to him. At the end of the training, another test will be available to the user to evaluate the success of the training.

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Maria Dalakoura
Project Manager