What is Microlearning?

Imagine a world in which we would no longer have to wait hours and hours to learn things. Going to classes that last forever, filled with unnecessary information just to teach us a few basic things that we would, later on, be able to use in our professional life. The world of Microlearning!

No one likes to spends hours upon hours learning the same thing over and over again. We want speed and faster techniques. This is where microlearning comes in. But exactly what is microlearning and how can it help future generations in their search for work?

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a process that focuses and offers just the right amount of necessary information aiming at helping the learner achieve a specific objective. Basically, it focuses on one specific thing and only provides useful information that will make it achievable.

Now imagine how something like that is going to affect a business. In the financial sector, for example, instead of learning a plethora of information that one might never use, they just focus on the specifics of that job they should be doing. As a result, they learn the process a lot faster and easier and their productivity is placed into good use.

A lot of European projects like the Digitize Enterprise Project are focusing on promoting Microlearning as a practice for businesses all around Europe. In particular, the first output of the project will focus on the creation of a bespoke Digitise Enterprise Youth-Work Toolkit to address policy recommendations calling for the development and implementation of SMART digitally enhanced youth work.

The Microlearning Toolkit

The toolkit will be directed at youth practitioners, to simultaneously support digital youth work approaches and the delivery of non-formal enterprise and employability learning opportunities. The Digitize Enterprise Youth-Work Toolkit will primarily be targeted at youth practitioners as end-users, providing them with a package of 30 bespoke digital resources, designed around the concept of ‘’Micro-learning’’, short and concise learning nuggets, delivered in multi-media formats to promote blended learning approaches.

The toolkits ‘learning nuggets’ will include a mix of resources (interactive games, infographic resources, podcasts, bite-sized eLearning videos, interactive case studies, business blogs) that can be integrated into existing youth work activities including group work, discussions, role-plays & energizers. The Youth-Work Toolkit will be piloted to a group of 100 young people, representing the 5 partner countries. To promote dissemination and exploitation of the toolkit, the partners will be responsible for disseminating it directly to 250 youth practitioners and indirectly through the project website, SALTO youth and Multiplier Events.

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