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Gamified platform and open online course in Social Entrepreneurship for female learners and students from diverse fields of study

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Out of the 30.6 million people who were self-employed in EU in 2013, only 9.6 million were women and 774.000 were youth. Eurostat and GEM data show that two-thirds of young people and women in EU believe they do not have the knowledge or skills to start a business. The report “Entrepreneurship in higher education, especially within non-business studies” confirms that the lack of entrepreneurship skills is one of the most significant barriers to business creation. It also emphasizes that the majority of entrepreneurship courses are offered in business and economic studies, so in fact most students have no way of taking part in entrepreneurial courses and programs.

OPEN MIND is an innovative project which brings together top expertise from partners in five countries. It is complementary to other projects, carried out by the partners for ERASMUS and other funding programs.

One of the key benefits of this project is that it targets disadvantaged communities, i.e. women and young people, especially from non-business studies, that are to a large extent excluded from the entrepreneurship system. The gamified social entrepreneurship course will be available for free in 5 languages – English, Bulgarian, Greek, Polish and Turkish and will be tailored for the needs of students and female learners from diverse background. The gamification will provide a unique and memorable experiential learning environment, in which students will develop entrepreneurship knowledge and entrepreneurial skills and mindset at the same time.

As far as the partners’ research has shown – at the moment of application there are no other similar platforms for these target groups, using the same approach and methodology in the partners countries. Moreover, the expertise involved in this project is tremendous. Lead professors from five countries, coupled with representatives of business and new technologies will bring this project to a great success.

  • Full title: Open Mind - gamified platform and open online course in Social Entrepreneurship for female learners and students from diverse fields of study
  • Start: 2016/11/01
  • Finish: 2018/10/31
  • Programme: ERASMUS+
  • Sub-Programme: Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships
  • Website:


Higher Institute of Insurance and Finance, VUZF University, Bulgaria

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Greece

Business Foundation for Education, Bulgaria

D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics, Bulgaria

11235 Ltd, Bulgaria




This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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Open Mind