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10 Powerful Reasons why Businesses Need Video Marketing

10 Powerful Reasons why Businesses Need Video Marketing

Each and every marketing strategy, even a paid advertisement or hiring an influencer, can bring significant outcomes. It has an inconclusive process of going viral. Sometimes it can go viral, but sometimes, it may not.

But if you are willing to put your resources and time into marketing strategies, that can bring in some fundamental leads. Marketing is not about some good luck or the perfect opportunity; it is about the art of storytelling and communicating with your consumers via the most effective medium. And there is no other preferable and effective way than video marketing. It’s easy to create video content these days as you have free access to tools like video editors, video background removers, hosting solutions, and stock footage.

Video content is the perfect key to an effective marketing plan. Here are the ten most powerful reasons why businesses need video marketing.

1. Videos boost sales and conversions among the consumers

By the way, businesses have to continue to use video content marketing; it has the most marketing benefits at the bottom line. Many past cases have proven that using videos on online pages has led to some major increases in product and brand conversations.

Videos can drive more sales as well. It does not affect how well-known or well-to-do a business describes its products in writing or pictures. When video production is done, the product’s sales can easily trump up compared to the other two media forms.

2. Video shows great ROI

83% of businesses say video marketing has provided them with excellent returns on their investments. Even though video production is not the easiest or cheapest task at hand. But if you know what to do with that, you can make great returns out of it.

Another good part of video content is that it does not have to perfect till it delivers the message intact properly. Therefore, rather than the production of the video, you should look after the content.

3. Video can boost more engagement in viewers

Whether the videos are entertaining or thought-provoking, only strong visuals can stir up emotions in the viewers. A good video will capture the audience’s attention in a way that no text or picture can. Other than that, people process the information they get from videos much better than any other media format.

Therefore, people are more likely to remember much more of what they watch in videos than what they read or listen around.

4. Video can also build trust

Trust is the foundation on which conversation and sales stand. Therefore, content marketing is entirely based on trust and creating some long-term relationships.

Video content, including video testimonial productions, does that all for you and that’s another reason why businesses need video marketing. Videos are more likely to engage people and also ignite emotions. When people, like influencers or YouTubers, share video testimonials or talk about their experiences with a product, they become the most powerful social media figures to represent your products to the people.

Promotional videos can foster trust much faster. With the help of compelling marketing videos, you can present your products in a much more conversational and trustworthy form.

5. Videos are SEO-friendly

When things come to video content, YouTube is the most popular platform on the internet. Luckily for today’s marketers, YouTube is owned by Google, and there is nothing that online marketers are used to more than optimizing content for Google web users.

Many people attempt to start a youtube channel and produce unique content, but you need to be able to set yourself aside from everyone. For example, your branding is only of the most important parts when polishing your video marketing strategy. Create a Youtube banner online to make a unique brand for your business that can be recognizable anywhere and a YouTube channel trailer to add more value to your brand.

With the help of any SEO title, headline, description, and keywords, a blog post can be used as the video title, description, etc. Google prioritizes video content on its pages as top search results.

6. Facts and Figures on why businesses need video marketing

The following are some video marketing statistics that show why businesses need video marketing.

97% of marketing experts guarantee that a seller adds a video to their product, then there are high chances that customers will understand and most likely buy the product themselves.

In 2021, more than 80% of the traffic on the internet is comprised of videos.

Nowadays, 81% of the total businesses use video to promote the brand, services, and products.

90% of the buyers believe that a video will be more likely to help them make sure they are making an educated purchase.

7. Videos are appealing to many mobile users

Videos and mobile go hand in hand and are two halves of the same coin. Today, more than 90% of consumers watch videos on their cell phones. Mobile videos have grown year after year and have brought many businesses to profits.

Since people like to watch videos on the go, and the number of smartphone users is growing every day, there are high chances that your video audience can keep getting bigger and bigger.

8. Videos are versatile

As today’s video marketing grows in popularity, businesses are coming up with increasingly creative ways to get their message delivered, increase engagement, and build brand trust or capture quality leads. 

Almost all social media platforms allow playbacks. While video content can be the most effective on its own, it can produce even better results when combined with a broader content marketing strategy. To get the best results, many people make sure that their object’s video type matches.

9. Video marketing can explain everything better

98% of users say that they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. That is why 45% of the businesses that have used video content for marketing have an explainer video on their home page.

You can use different types of video formats like animation and make the video content pop out properly. You can use Vistacreate’s animation maker to quickly make motion designs online, see the details here.

10. Video can also get through some laziest buyers

In today’s life, everyone is super busy to have time to read long products and descriptions or even dig deep into services and brands. And that is why businesses need video marketing to change that.

Modern customers want to see the product at work so that they can evaluate its effectiveness. Video marketing can capture broad audiences and work on many levels, even on the laziest ones. If you can target the ears of potential clients, then your competitive advantages can double.

Ending Note

Video adoption grows partly because of the advances in technology. Making marketing videos for your business needs creativity and knowledge of human psychology. If you can be creative with your work in your video, then there is no stopping you from using it to grow your business.

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