10 years of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Ten years ago, EYE ”Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs”, was established as a funding programme by the EU, to support young entrepreneurs all around Europe. The programme has been able to provide a lot of aspiring young entrepreneurs with the opportunity of creating their businesses after acquiring the knowledge and expertise they needed, through the programme.

Now, after ten years, on the 10th anniversary of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, two participants have been awarded the title of ‘’Entrepreneur of the Decade’’. The event for the award took place on March 18th, 2019, in Brussels.

The two lucky entrepreneurs to receive this unique title were, Nelly Davtyan from Armenia and Ioannis Polychronakis from Greece.

The Two Different Awards

Nelly Davtyan, from Armenia, was selected for the ‘’New Entrepreneur of the Decade’’ award. In 2016, Nelly Davtyan and her team of experienced IT developers founded ‘’IT Solutions’’. It is a company specified in mobile and web-based applications. She has managed to turn her small startup into a sustainable, growing IT business and she owes a large amount of her success to the EYE ‘’Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme’’ and her host entrepreneur. He aspiration is to encourage many more women from smaller countries to form their startups, believe in themselves, and aim to become successful.

Ioannis Polychronakis from Greece was selected for the awards of EYE ‘’Host Entrepreneur of the Decade’’. Ioannis Polychronakis runs his own family business in the design and costume sector. He offers customised design/building and consulting services. His company is located on the island of Crete, in Greece.

Polychronakis’s company focuses on natural preservation. He offers to implement environmentally friendly and environmentally saving house solutions such as energy passive houses, recycling solutions and green energy solutions.  Ioannis Polychronakis entered the EYE ‘’Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’’ programme in 2015 and he has played host to fifteen European new entrepreneurs from various European countries.

Ioannis Polychronakis’s latest  Intermediary Organization is the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development. Through his collaboration with the Institute’s project manager Maria Skoufi, Mr Polychronakis was able to play host to the latest young entrepreneur Mr Ahmed Awad from Italy.

‘’As the project manager responsible for the EYE programme, I can only say that the experience is worth it. Giving young entrepreneurs the opportunity to find their way towards the labour market and build a strong business is something that we all promote, here in IED.’’

Maria Skoufi

Project Manager

The EYE ‘’Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’’ is a remarkable opportunity for your aspiring entrepreneurs to take their first step into building a successful business. If you want to be part of the programme either as a young entrepreneur or a host entrepreneur, you need the right Intermediary Organization. IED is here to answer all of your questions and become your trusted partner for this difficult yet very profitable programme!

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Financial Officer

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