Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs – Time for fresh ideas

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a program of transnational exchanges that offers new entrepreneurs and people who want to create a business the opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs who run small businesses in other countries of the European Union.

iED provides support to experienced entrepreneurs so that they can host an entrepreneur from another country in the European Union from 1 to 6 months, provided that they meet the following requirements:

  • Owning a manager or being part of the board of directors of an SME
  • More than three years running his own company
  • He/she interested in sharing knowledge and experiences with a new entrepreneur and playing a role of mentor.

The new entrepreneur will spend time in your company, contributing to its development while you share your business experience with him.

To participate, just follow these three steps:

  1. Submit your application online at:
  2. Select Institute of Entrepreneurship Development as your local contact point (Intermediary Organization)
  3. Contact a new entrepreneur abroad and get in touch with him about the project of exchange (dates, objectives and activities to be carried out)

What will you get?

  • Work with a new entrepreneur full of energy and motivated who can bring your business innovative ideas, new skills and knowledge.
  • Benefit from a “new vision” of your business, and the specialized knowledge that the new entrepreneur may have and that you do not master.
  • Learn about foreign markets, expand your business opportunities and undertake transnational activities.
  • Establish a network of contacts and solid relationships that can be useful to exchange advice and obtain recommendations, as well as to find partners abroad.
  • The development of your language skills.
  • The vast majority of host entrepreneurs have enjoyed the experience so much that they have decided to welcome other new entrepreneurs at the end of the exchange.

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Financial Officer

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