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Are you ready to learn how to write proper Erasmus+ KA1 proposals?

Key Action 1 is the collective name of one of the activities and projects that are being funded under the Erasmus+ Project. As a mobility, KA1 focuses on providing opportunities to individuals in order to improve their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness.

Every organization wanting to implement a mobility project that will provide work experience, volunteering, teaching and training opportunities to staff and learners, job shadowing and structured study should consider applying for a KA1 funding.

If you own or are working in such an organization then KA1 is a great opportunity for you. But if you have never written a proposal for a KA1 project before, then you might need some help learning the basics and how to write a proposal worthy of funding. Training is very important in this case.

Proper training requires an experienced trainer that will take you through all the basics of the KA1 project, will explain the official form step by step and will be ready to answer all of your questions. A trainer that will not only help you write the proposal but also understand the idea behind the KA1 and the Erasmus+ projects in general.

Find the best KA1 training courses today and learn how to write a successful, grant-worthy proposal!

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