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5 Biggest Hiring Mistakes You Make When Recruiting Tech Specialists

5 Biggest Hiring Mistakes You Make When Recruiting Tech Specialists

Recruiting tech specialists should be ideal. But how to make it so? To succeed, when recruiting engineers, you should stop making the 5 biggest hiring mistakes from the article.

Recruiting is a challenge. Hiring tech talent is a double challenge because demand is extremely high. So, in case you are building an engineering team for a project, or if you are to recruit one tech specialist to update the existing team, you should know about the 5 biggest hiring mistakes recruiters make so that you avoid them in your job.

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Behave Passively in the Hiring Process

As far as the engineering market becomes more and more competitive, the role of the hiring specialist gets more and more challenging. To get top tech specialists, recruiters should forget about the practice of posting a job on some hiring platform and just waiting for candidates’ responses. This is a direct path to failure!

Instead, actively seek out everywhere and reveal the best engineers that demonstrate relevant knowledge and skills that any given open role may require in your business. The key target in tech recruitment is to convince engineers that a role in your company is what they want. Your task is to share your passion for the company and inspire engineers to get them on board. So, be active on social media as well as B2B engineering marketplaces: it’s your responsibility to start communication with candidates, represent a vacant position, and point out killing arguments why they need to join your project.

Looking for a Candidate with a Mixture of Incompatible Competencies

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Do you know what it means to look for a pin’s head in a cartload of hay? That is particularly what occurs when tech recruiters attempt to find an engineer with a complicated skillset. You see, it is unreal to come by a Java Developer with a strong iOS experience and, additionally, solid expertise in network system development. Does anyone truly rely on finding and recruiting such candidates?

Another case is publishing job posts that require engineers to possess 5 years of experience with a newly released variant of a technology. It sounds ridiculous, but many tech recruiters are sure that it is possible. However, clever recruiters don’t make such a mistake.

In job ads, the strategy to create lengthy, tiresome, and unreadable descriptions leads nowhere. It will be winning to mention concise data about the role’s key requirements as well as the nature of the field. The job must be introduced in a catchy way as well.

Ignore Testing Procedures

When it comes to hiring in the engineering industry, it’s essential to test tech candidates. One may convince they have dealt with Python before, but in case that took place 3 years ago, that knowledge is not enough to keep up with the project challenges in 2021. Recruiters should build a case and test to assess willingness, problem-solving, speed/quality of the work. The following tips on that will come in handy:

  • Regular office/site work, i.e. let the engineering candidate work 2-3 days inside the team (side-by-side with a team lead). This is a normal practice when businesses ask engineering candidates to join their teams for a couple of days (the work is paid);
  • Tech testing in a “live” format: conduct a set of live testing to reveal a candidate’s tech skills with several engineering specialists within the team from your company;
  • Design a small project (with a clear deadline) for an engineer to execute within the company. Then, evaluate the results.

Holding Back the Recruiting Process

Prolonging the tech hiring procedure is the success-killer. Conducting all those pointless and unnecessary phases of the interview procedure just wastes too much time.

In the engineering market, all companies can be classified according to 2 types: companies whose whole interview procedure is limited to an offline interview or a single Zoom call and companies with a 5-10 phase recruiting practice. We believe you have already guessed which type is the winner while recruiting top tech specialists.

It demands effort and time for engineers to take part in interviews. It is a utopia to expect that currently employed people will invest personal time. Note that potential candidates have to prepare an excuse to cover their absence at the current workplace. Accentuate an easy but effective hiring process with 2 stages: a cultural interview and a technical assessment.

Be Sure That You Can Hire Brilliant Specialists for Less

Determining the talent budget wrong is the fifth mistake many tech companies make. To put it simply, in case your company is willing to get the best tech talent, they must be ready to pay for that. When it comes to convincing engineers to leave their company to join yours, cash is considered one of the strongest arguments. As far as qualified engineers are dictating the market, they are selling their knowledge and skills for a higher price.

It is truly expensive to hire skilful engineers. However, it is an investment that will pay off: only great talent is able to design innovative things.

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