LIFE Programme 2021-27: Encouraging Sustainable Initiatives

The new LIFE programme 2021-27 calls for proposals have published, as an attempt to encourage initiatives that are aiming at producing sustainable solutions, through budget provision. LIFE is a budget line, that followed as a continuity, after the completion of several other funding programmes.

The concept of Sustainability

Sustainability is a term that is linked with prospects, by considering the data that represent the current situation. In particular, the definition of the concept is expressed as a balance between social, economic, and environmental extensions; and, at the same time with a focus on maintaining citizen’s quality living. In other words, we refer to approaches that foster the combination of environmentally responsible acts, with profit, and social justice.

The LIFE Programme 2021-27 Framework

LIFE is a funding programme that the core, of its overall aim, revolves around the themes of environment and taking actions, that have the potentiality to tackle climatic challenges. Hence, LIFE’s operation is about motivating initiatives that promote the element of sustainability. The programme encompasses calls of the following principal areas:

  • Nature and biodiversity.
  • Circular economy and quality of life.
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Clean energy transition.

Furthermore, the programme’s design involves support provision to the interested applicants. The LIFE support includes application guidelines; video recordings of tutorials; information pertinent to entities’ eligibility; tools that facilitate partner seeking, among others.

For more information, pertinent to LIFE, you can visit the official website, of the programme.

iED has more than 16 years of experience in the field of European project implementation. In our effort to educate people and companies in green technology and sustainable living, iED‘s team have developed an array of technology platforms and tools to help train much-needed skills and competencies.

In addition, iED is always open to cooperation. If you have a bright project idea pertinent to LIFE Programme 2021-27, do not hesitate to contact our team, and explore the partnership opportunities together.

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