Co-working space innovation

Over the past few years, co-working spaces innovation have brought a lot of change in the business scene across the world. They are a great opportunity for young aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to gather, work on their idea, collaborate, and all of that for the lowest possible price.

Co-working spaces are a great solution to those who want to start setting up their own business but are not able to afford to rent a space with al the equipment and the utility costs. As a result. they attracted a lot of people, especially young men and women from remote areas who wanted an office but could not afford one.

Changing co-working spaces

More and more co-working spaces emerged in various places around Europe and the world. Close to small villages yet not far away from central cities, they were able to help so many people enter the labor market. However, just like every innovation in the labor market, there came a time when a traditional co-working space was no longer enough.

The simple things, like the complimentary snacks, are no longer an innovative idea. It is more of a tradition that everyone is expecting. Co-working spaces need more, to make sure that co-workers will “stay loyal” to them by upgrading their services and start offering more.

It is time for more innovation in co-working spaces and there always a few things that co-working space owners can do to increase the number of people using their offices. Here are some of the most innovative ideas for modern co-working spaces.

Tailored-made spaces for specific workers

Before starting your own co-working space, try to ask yourself, what is your target group? At first, the answer will seem simple. Every potential future entrepreneur or business owner could be your target group. However, as time goes by you will notice that patterns emerge.

Depending on the area where the co-working space is you will notice that there is a target group, larger than others. For example, is your co-working space is close to touristic locations, a lot of tourism professionals might want to use your space.

At the same time, if your space is close to a big city, characterized by innovation and technology, you will notice a lot of engineers and developers using it. It would be a good idea for you to personalize the co-working space as much as possible to appeal to your key demographic.

Tailored-made pricing plans

Just like the spaces, pricing is also very important. Perhaps the most important of the entire process. People want to know that they will be able to work as much as they want and they will always want to do it in the cheapest way possible.

Of course, there always are those standard packages that a co-worker can choose from. But personalizing the pricing, even more, is a very innovative idea. You can create small packages for different situations. A traveler for example who will want to just use your space for a couple of days while enjoying a vacation or will want to conduct a last-minute meeting could benefit from a traveler’s package pricing. This is a great way to reach out to more clients and brand your co-working space as a place of innovative solutions.

Virtual reality in co-working spaces

Most people when they think about the virtual reality they will usually think about games or 3D animations. Virtual realities have been connected with fun. Something new that not everyone has access to. Something that gives access to a completely new experience.

Nowadays a lot of co-working spaces are using virtual reality as a way to enhance and simplify the working process. For example, a lot of coworkers are not in the same physical space and that makes matters difficult.

By using VR and an avatar to represent each co-worker, co-working spaces can give a much better sense of the workplace and help make interactions fun and easy. Most importantly that kind of equipment might be expansive but it is certainly the equipment that every co-working space will need in the future. It sets apart the modern and innovative spaces from the old traditional ones and it is most certainly a great way to do some branding.


At the moment co-working spaces are still being brought together. Many ideas are being thrown at the table. And there is still a lot of space for improvements. You need to take some time to look at your co-working space. Where is it located? What is your key target group? Can your budget cover innovative, new equipment? All of these things will be the solution to a lot of challenges for co-working spaces.

Remember that a place like that is a place where people want to go to work and to find an environment that will be different, innovative and will inspire them to work on their ideas and collaborate with other people. Set up your coworking space today!

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