Comparative analysis on entrepreneurial skills and motivations of young adults in Europe

Entrepreneurship is the kind of idea that inspires people. Being a successful entrepreneur takes a lot. You need to devote so much time to develop your business. You need a strong financial capital that will be able to support you throughout the entire process. If you are not determined to go through all of that effort for your company then you cannot call yourself an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is all about motive. It is all about putting your skills and competencies to good use. It is all about choosing a path and staying with it no matter what. But what are the motives of a true entrepreneur? And how do they change between different people around Europe? Are there factors that determine the differences?

Motivation factors can vary depending on the situation and the person of course but there are always some variables that are the same for every person. The first motivational factor of an entrepreneur is passion. Passion is something There is no way for you to be able to set up a business if you are not passionate enough for it. It will feel like an obligation and an obligation is never a satisfying thing to do.

Confidence is another very important thing for aspiring entrepreneurs. Being confident about your skills and your ideas means that you do believe in them and that you will be passionate enough to chase them and make them come true. Being able to solve your own problems and decide what is best for your company will give you the motivation you need to keep going until you are ready to take a step forward.

There is nothing bigger than the motivation of actually accomplishing your goal. Everyone imagines their company and its future. They all want to know what it will feel like to make it big. Knowing that you are on the right path of accomplishing everything you have ever imagined is certainly something that can motivate even the most unmotivated.

These three factors are the same for everyone, despite their age, gender, personal or professional background. Countless studies have been conducted to compare entrepreneurial skills and motivations for young people to help them understand what is entrepreneurship and how they can accomplish their goals and make their dreams come true.

Since this is such a big priority for the European Union, many EU Projects have been conducted over the years, focusing on the creation of proper material that can help teach future entrepreneurs about their skills and competencies and how they can take advantage of them the right way. The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development,  as an expert on the field on entrepreneurship and business, is able to offer you all of those studies and all that material for free. Our only goal is to make sure that entrepreneurship will be promoted all around Europe, to young people as well as older people that want to create their own business.

Pay a visit to our achievement pages and check out all the material we have to offer you. We can guarantee that the IED will be able to provide you with a large variety of different guidebooks and handbooks that will be more than enough to get you started and take you all the way to accomplishing your goals and making your dreams come true. Become a successful entrepreneur!

Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Expert / Copywriter

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