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Young entrepreneurs face massive challenges every day. There is so much going on in the world of entrepreneurship. So many daily changes that, losing track of one’s thought and focus, is expected. Many entrepreneurs start working on an idea or a concept only to change that idea only a few days or weeks later.

Entrepreneurship can be determined in many different ways. The term changes according to the way a person views entrepreneurship. For example, many people link entrepreneurship with the ownership a small store or business. And although there is a connection, entrepreneurship is not just that.

Becoming an entrepreneur

When a person becomes an entrepreneur, they are using a collective of personal characteristics, interpersonal and practical skills to create and run a venture that can replace the usual employment stream and at the same time create substantial wealth. Usually faster than achieved in small and medium enterprises.

There is no doubt that entrepreneurship education has a lot of benefits. And one of the most important ones is the ability to understand ideas and manifest them through entrepreneurship without changing fields and confusing thoughts.

When starting as an entrepreneur, there are a few things you will want to ask. Where do you view yourselves in the next five years? What kind of entrepreneur do you think you are going to be? Have you found the idea that you truly want to pursue? Is the field you are working on, the right field for you? Just some of the many different questions you will want answers to.

How can the questionnaire help my business?

In cases like this, questionnaires could help you a lot. By finding and answering the right questionnaires, you could clarify a lot of ideas and determine what the future of your business will look like. And of course, as a successful entrepreneur, it might be your responsibility to create such a questionnaire for younger generations.

The questionnaire is not just going to help others understand the role they play in entrepreneurship. It is also going to help you view the world of entrepreneurship the way younger generations do. Whether you are looking to expand your services or just to hire new talents with the innovative mind of an entrepreneur, this could be the right way to achieve it.

Taking the first steps

Creating the questionnaire is going to be equally hard and easy. Hard because you will need to collect all the data and the knowledge you have gained over the years and put it in order and easy because your experience alone will be enough to provide you with the questions you will want to add.

The first step will be to determine your audience. Creating a questionnaire for young entrepreneurs will be completely different than creating on for entrepreneurs who have been on the job for many years. Simultaneously you can gain different things from the questionnaires, depending on the audience.

Young entrepreneurs will provide you with a view of entrepreneurship as seen through the eyes of a visionary with bright hopes and new, advanced ideas that will aim to shape and change the future. Old entrepreneurs will give you answers based on their experience after they have worked in specific fields for a while and know what to expect

The second step will be to start creating the questions. You need to start by thinking about the answers you want to get. For example, in a questionnaire made for young entrepreneurs, you need to include questions such as, what is your dream job or what which field appeals to you the most. If most entrepreneurs appear to focus on technology then, based on the way the labor market is going, it is safe to assume that in the next few years the world will be even more dominated by technological achievements.

Keep the questionnaire focused

At the same time if you notice that the answers are more focused on a social level then it will be sound to determine that in the next few years you might see a change in the labor market, with a more social focus.

Last but not least try to keep the questionnaire as focused as possible. You need the general questions to act as a controller but the ration should not be off. Most of your questions will need to be focused on the answers the questionnaire is aiming to give.

For example, if the questionnaire aims at determining the way young entrepreneurs view the labor market, your questions should focus more on the market and not so much their needs. At the same time, if through the questionnaire you are looking for new talents you need to ask more about their personal goals as entrepreneurs and how they think they can contribute to the field and not so much about the field itself.

Creating a questionnaire will take time. You will need to run a lot of tests before you can release the final version. Having such a questionnaire will be of great help to your business and your understanding of the entrepreneurial world. Questionnaires can help us determine future actions, plan new ventures and most importantly, reach new clientele and target groups.

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