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What is Aquaponics and how can it add value to entrepreneurship?


Farming has always been and will always be one of the main sources of income for people across the world. Many changes have happened over the years and the sector keeps evolving constantly. New technologies and innovative ideas are being used to promote the sector and bring it to the next level.

One of those innovative changes is Aquaponics. By definition, Aquaponics is the growth of plants by using fish. Through the most natural process which is eating and producing waste, fish can fertilize massive amounts of plants within just a few months in a way that mimics the ecosystem.

Aquaponics harnesses the power of bio-integrating simple components. The exchange between waste by-products from the fish as nutrition for bacteria to convert them to perfect fertilizer for the different types of plants. The water is returned in a clean state back to the fish and the plants are being farmed. Exactly how the ecosystem works.

Aquaponics adding value to entrepreneurship

Regarding entrepreneurship, aquaponics is a relatively new field that has the potential of evolving into a massive stakeholder in farming. Aquaponics can be a great way to expand one’s entrepreneurial endeavors, especially in areas where “regular agriculture” cannot be evolved. It is no accident that in countries with a difficult dry climate, aquaponics seems to be thriving.

Apart from being able to create an entirely new generation of farmers, aquaponics also gives opportunities for scientists to create new technologies that will assist in the evolvement of the field.  We notice a massive turn towards the field that appears to be taking aquaponics to the next level.

The pros and cons

As it is with every entrepreneurial venture, aquaponics has its pros and cons. Starting, to build an aquaponics farm one needs a large initial capital. The farm has a high production density, therefore, the owners can earn back their original investment within a few years.

The system setup is rather complicated but at the same time, it provides a secondary production stream which is fish harvesting. Last but not least, an aquaponics farm mimics the ecosystem. As a result, it is vulnerable to pests and diseases which are rather difficult to eradicate. At the same time, however, aquaponics farms are compatible with a massive selection of plants,( from lettuces to even banana trees) which means that more people can enter the field with the opportunity to expand to more products.

Supporting the filed

Aquaponics is supported by governments from all over the world as a new field with the potential to become a strong money generator venture especially for a young entrepreneur. There is a lot of information out there regarding the origins of aquaponics and how people can create their farms.

European funded projects like the YEAH: Young Entrepreneursh in Aquaponics – High Five! is a great place for one to start learning and building a farm. For more information you can follow the project’s official website as well as all the latest news and updates by IED.

Aquaponics is a great new way to enter the labor market as farmers/entrepreneurs. A new venture for young entrepreneurs can provide people with excellent opportunities!

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