Digital Europe: Transforming the Future

We are heading towards a new reality; a reality that includes a digital Europe. EU has delved into the potentials of digital advancements; and, developed deployment strategies towards this direction.

Decipher the Forthcoming Digital Transition: How our Lives will be Affected

Apparently, this digital transformation will change many aspects of our lives; and, to a greater extent, this transition will affect economies and societies.

In particular, houses will become energy efficient; with smart grids; and with the Internet of Things (IoT) at the owners’ service. In addition, there will be data protection, and encryption against cyber threats, for the facilitation of secure communication. Subsequently, the aforementioned changes will lead to digital literacy, in terms of skills and awareness; thus, percentage of cyber threats will be minimized.

Network connectivity will be faster; including to households, both rural and urban; and, schools. At the educational framework, distance-learning will be introduced to schools.

The contribution to healthcare, will be by a European electronic health record. eHealth will be implemented for diagnosis and treatment services. Furthermore, artificial intelligence will benefit research in healthcare; and, other sectors as well.

Implementation to a Wider Frame

The business landscape will also change, workforce will adjust to data and technology advances. Businesses will implement the design of circular economy. Moreover, the rural sector will apply environmental conscious farming, with the use of technology at all stages. In commerce, products will traceable by blockchain. Industry infrastructure and value chains will be enhanced, by the use of supercomputers and quantum computing; microprocessors; batteries; and, robotics. There will also be a boost in cybersecurity.

Public administration will transform as well; with access to services through e-government; interoperability of European data; and digital identity valid to a cross-border range. There will be access to data for judicial and law enforcement purposes. Smart cities will occur, in terms of infrastructure, utilities and waste management, along with facilitation of mobility benefits.

Significance of Digital Europe

The forthcoming changes will lay stronger foundation for an economic frame, where there will be creation of jobs. Subsequently, EU’s global competitiveness is expected to be reinforced. In addition, EU’s digital sovereignty, will improve the facilitation of becoming environmental-friendly. On a personal level, it appears that we are heading towards an era, where digital advances will affect us into leading more convenient lives, in every aspect.

Compatibility with the EU Values

It appears that this strategy complies and facilitates the EU values: democracy; fundamental freedoms; human rights; data protection and privacy; security and safety; inclusivity; transparency.

In a theoretical context, it appears that Europe’s future is shaping into a new, promising landscape. With an attempt, to embody EU values to an inclusive frame; with citizen leading convenient lives, by strengthening every aspect of the latter; empowering business, and to greater extent economy; and, towards making Europe more resilient.

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