Prosoa Rural Impact Report

Prosoa Rural is an Erasmus+ project that began in December 2018 and successfully finished last month in January 2021. The Prosoa Rural impact during its implementation and through its intellectual outputs was quite significant.

Prosoa Rural achieved to:

  1. Raise social awareness among young people in rural areas.
  2. Improve the skills of young people to become more participative and active citizens.
  3. Promote social entrepreneurship among young people in rural areas.
  4. Create a more significant commitment and awareness about the necessity of conserving the Cultural Heritage and the Traditions.

Prosoa Rural Impact Report in Numbers

This project partnership got busy from its earliest stages that can be seen from the numbers and the quality of its deliverables. The partners made four (4) transnational meetings with their physical presence, except one that was made via the internet due to COVID-19 restrictions. These meetings were essential to planning for the project’s implementation and strategy.

The Intellectual Outputs of Prosoa Rural were three:

  1. Creating a catalog of good practices: “European Initiatives for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Traditions.”
  2. The preparation of a Training Module in Active Participation in Local Culture
  3. The development of a Training Module in Social Entrepreneurship and Cultural Heritage

In order to highlight some of the components in these intellectual outputs, we will name a few of their contents. In the good practices catalog, the reader can discover good practices from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and the Netherlands of cultural heritage and traditions conservation. Particularly, taking the Greek example, someone can read about the tsipouro festival, the Greek honey festival, and the famous Meteora or Olympus mountain.     

Particularly, the Training Module contents in Active Participation in Local Culture encourages young people’s active participation in their environment and the conservation of Cultural Heritage and Traditions. This module deals with the topics of active participation in many aspects of our lives. For example, it defines active participation and then deals with the question on how to achieve active participation in:

  1. Education
  2. Politics/ Decision Making
  3. Social Life
  4. Work-Life

Training Module in Social Entrepreneurship and Cultural Heritage

The last Training Module in Social Entrepreneurship and Cultural Heritage promotes young people’s initiative and social entrepreneurship on Cultural Heritage and Traditions. The main contents of this training module are:

  1. Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship and Cultural Heritage
  2. Developing your Idea for Social Enterprise
  3. Business Management
  4. Marketing for Social Enterprises
  5. Basic Financial Management and Fundraising

Finally, it is essential to note that a training activity and a multiplier event took place in Greece on top of the aforementioned intellectual outputs. In training, actively participated 10 people coming from all countries involved in this partnership. To continue, in the Greek multiplier event, there were more than 160 participants. The participants found the project and its deliverables quite exciting and useful.

A Few Last Words

In short, we are delighted with Prosoa Rural project’s result, and we would like to extend our thanks to our valuable partners that worked tirelessly to create such an impactful project. First, we would like to thank our coordinator from Spain Accion Laboral for its exemplary leadership, then INOVA+ – Innovation Services from Portugal, Associazione Futuro Digitale from Italy, and International Labour Association from the Netherlands.

If you wish to learn more about Prosoa Rural Impact, visit the official website.

Alternatively, you can download this brochure and be informed about the objectives and steps that were followed for this project to succeed.

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Vasilis Bouronikos
Content & Communication Manager

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