Upgrade E-adults Webinar Outcome: Digital Upskilling

A successful webinar has come to an end. And, we are referring to the Upgrade E-adults webinar outcome. The webinar’s theme was “Digital Skills and Social Entrepreneurship in Adult and Youth Education”, and it was free of charge. Furthermore, the online seminar occurred on December 4th, 2020.

Upgrade E-adults: Towards the Incorporation of a Digital Culture

The online event revolved around the topic of Upgrade E-adults, an Erasmus+ project. This project is about the incorporation of a digital learning approach, by centers and various educational institutions, who are active on the subject of adult education, to their practice. A crude summary of the objectives is to develop a sustainable strategy, which embodies digital upskilling; and, with a long-term purpose to achieve an inclusive future.

For more information on the project of Upgrade E-adults, please visit the official webpage.

Upgrade E-adults Webinar Outcome

Upgrade E-adults webinar outcome was the participation of 260 people, in total. The participants’ age range were between 18 to 65 years of age.

Among the participants, were: trainers of adult learning; organizations and institutions, who are active on the subject of adult learning; and, interested parties on this subject.

The webinar lasted for two (2) days. The participants, who successfully attended this online seminar, both days of duration, were awarded with a certification of attendance.

It should be noted, that a contributing factor to the successful outcome of this webinar was the Erasmus+ project of Rural Treasures. For more information, regarding the project of Rural Treasures, please visit the official webpage.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) finds satisfying the outcome of this webinar. Our team hopes that the provision of pertinent information was helpful to the attended audience; and, we will continue our effort of organizing informative events that meet your needs.

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