EMwoSE Project Result: The Beginning of a Change

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) announces the EMwoSE project result. The first objective has been culminated; and, we present you the report of the results we retrieved.

EMwoSE: In Short

EMwoSE is an Erasmus+ project, that has spotted the imbalance, in terms of women workforce in the labor market. In its design it has embodied the incorporation of women from ethnic minorities in social entrepreneurship; by responding to the problems women from ethnic background face. Barriers regarding their professional career, include current working conditions; skills gaps; psychological and cultural obstacles.

For more information regarding EMwoSE project, please visit the official webpage.

Presentation of EMwoSE project result

The first EMwoSE project result is a report, that revolves around two subject areas: the obstacles these women come across. And subsequently, the development of strategies to overcome the aforementioned barriers.

In particular, in the first pillar of this report, the main problems have been defined:

  • Childcare/ Care of others;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Lack of support;
  • Evolving expectations due to self-esteem, confidence, and being efficient;
  • Proper career and training opportunities.

In addition, among the problems these women face, there are also financial, communication, social, institutional, cultural, and psychological problems, to take into account.

The second pillar of this report contains the following chapters:

  • Definition of social enterprise and entrepreneurship;
  • The skills needed for a social enterprise;
  • Defining ethnic minorities, which population is characterized as ethnic minority;
  • Challenges women face, whilst they are admitted to the labor market;
  • Ways to empower women;
  • Suggestion for the development of strategies to support women.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) strongly believes in EMwoSE’s goal; and, hopes EMwoSE results to be a potential tool for women’s empowerment; and, to a greater extent, for a more inclusive future.

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