Digital Transformation and Education: Attending Webinars

The entire world is going through massive changes at the moment. The events of the past few months combined with the rapid evolution of technology have enhanced the need to evolve digital skills and competencies. Everything seems to be happening online nowadays.

The term for this change is digital transformation and as the name states, a transformation that will digitalize everything. From official governmental policies to product manufacturing, digital transformation will have a great impact.

Youth learning about digital transformation

It is important to get ready for this change and now we notice more and more people, especially youth, trying to learn what digital transformation is and what their place will be, in this new world order. However, the massive amount of information that we are currently receiving is complicating things. We cannot know which potential scenario will play out and in Europe more and more theories emerge.

If there is one thing that researchers claim though, it is that education will play a very important role in digital transformation. But education as well can be confusing. What should the focal point be? Are current digital skills and competencies, enough? How can young people choose their “course” correctly?

Once again, prioritization is of the essence. There are many different types of classes one can take to learn about digital transformation and to prepare for it. Webinars can help people by providing them with the opportunity to acquire knowledge no matter where they are. And that is a characteristic example of digital transformation.

Learning through webinars

So as a starting point we have webinars. They can be about pretty much everything. People can attend webinars about digital transformation itself. There are webinars focusing on business, entrepreneurship, social matters, and so on. Within the next couple of years, most of these subjects will include digital transformation as a factor that brings change.

It is essential for your people today, not to just know that digital transformation will change the world, but exactly how something like that will happen. A clear example is remote work. Although this is not something brand new for people, remote work is now becoming the “normal way” of working. More and more people are choosing to work from home, even if at times, that means they get paid less.

Working from home allows people to accept more projects, work on their own stuff, and create the perfect environment that will increase their productivity. And all of that is possible due to digital transformation. At the same time, however, this is affecting the labor market in terms of expertise, results, and of course cash flow.

Enhancing digital skills and competencies

Although it might sound ordinary, skill enhancement is important. It might be a bit surprising but statistics show that a rather large number of young people across Europe are not familiar with the basic functions of a computer and they have never used professional software to do their work. These are basic digital skills that young people need to know.

Others include Social Media skills and digital marketing skills. Through webinars, workshops, and online courses, young people now have the opportunity to enhance those skills and take them a step further. Digital transformation seems very complicated in the beginning and it is essential to take it one step at a time.

Learning what businesses need

Every business sector is different. There are always those businesses that require very simple digital skills and competencies and then there are those that want to add value to their business by hiring the best talent and digitizing everything.

Depending on the sector you work for or want to work for in the future, you need to attend appropriate classes and webinars. There you can learn how the future of businesses appears to be shaping, what kind of courses you will need to focus on, and how you can use your current skills and competencies to enhance your results.

Getting ahead of the competition

Competition is everywhere and now that everyone can have access to new skills, the competition will grow. Those that will start learning new skills and enhancing their current digital competencies now, will get ahead of the competition.

Within the next couple of years, digital transformation will be more than just an idea or a new order of thing that is approaching. It will be here and those with the right skills at the right time will play a vital role in the establishment of new practices and policies in the labor market.

There is no saying as to what new skills will be required in the future. No one can know right now which scenario will take hold in Europe and across the world. All we can do it try and prepare for every possible situation. Education on digital transformation and skill enhancement can do that.

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