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Digital skills and modern entrepreneurship


Modern entrepreneurship is a concept that is dominating the world right now. Using digital innovation is helping businesses worldwide to reach a new level. More innovative products are emerging every single day and digital projects appear to be what is going to change the world.

Modern entrepreneurship demands new and youthful ideas. Ideas that can shape the future of the market. As are a result, the largest number of older entrepreneurship and businessmen are not able to bring fresh ideas on the scene. This is why young entrepreneurs hold the key to the evolution of entrepreneurship.

There is however still a gap between young people and entrepreneurship. The gap esxists not because young people are not able to understand the concept of entrepreneurship or because they do not have the bright ideas needed to form the products and services of the future. The gap exists because unfortunately, to this day, there are a lot of young people have not trained the necessary skills and competencies to bring those ideas to life.

The percentage of young people dropping out of school in Europe has grown over the past few years and as a result, the gap keeps growing larger and larger. This is why young people need to receive training in regards to digital skills, outside of schools.

The good thing about digital skills is the fact that it is more important to know how to practically use then than actually having a degree that shows a theoretical knowledge and not a practical one. In other words, young people are not obligated to go to college to train their skills and competencies.

What they can do however is to take courses that will give them a practical experience that is much more needed. That way they are going to be able to decrease the amount of time needed to develop an idea as implement it. Moreover, by training their skills through seminars and projects they will have the ability to increase and improve them as they work on projects which will give them a much better sense of how to use them.

The European Union supports actions that are focusing on helping young people who are unemployed or have not had the opportunity to enter higher education, to improve their digital skills and competencies through the implementations of European projects that are able to organize curricula and seminars on digital skills.

Projects like the UptoYouth project are able to provide participants with excellent courses that will help them work on their skills. If you want more information on this project feels free to visit the official website. We are also encouraging you to closely observe all the actions taken by the EU on the sector. You will find yourselves in front of more than enough opportunities that will help you set up a bright future for yourselves!

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