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The InnoTrain Project: WBL


WBL uses the workplace as a powerful experiential learning setting reducing skills mismatch risk. Regional and local stakeholders are meant to increase and innovate cooperation structures for bridging the gap between education/training and the labour market in order to unlock the educational potential behind the work-based element in education. This concern about youth unemployment is the 1st priority in the Commission Work Programme 2017 and transversal aim in E+ Work Programme 2018.

For this reason, in IED, we implement the Erasmus+ “InnoTrain: Innovative Training in VET. Professional development of VET-business key actors for qualitative WBL experiences” project.

The purpose of the project is to promote the work-based learning (WBL) in all its forms, with the aim to support the professional development of VET teachers, trainers and mentors in school and work-based settings. The partnership consists of organizations from Germany, Spain, Austria, Greece and Italy, and it follows the priorities given by the New Skills Agenda namely making VET a first choice with an active involvement of business-education and social partners to design and deliver WBL in all forms.

Furthermore, the project intends to create transferable outputs for the upgrade of professional competences of practitioners daily involved in VET-business relationships and delivery of WBL programmes pointing on qualitative growth of high-quality skills and competences.

On the other hand, InnoTrain project aims to investigate and develop new strategies for effective VET-business cooperation structures involving complementary local stakeholders, but with an outlook at exploitation in other EU regions.

In InnoTrain project, relevant stakeholders will work on undertaking actions to investigate common regional problems, challenges preventing effective and sustainable development and consolidation of VET-business partnerships.

Finally, the needs to be addressed through the project’s implementation are to:

  • Bridge the gap between the worlds of education and business
  • Give new impetus to VET-business engagement in mature regions through continuous training for participants
  • Contribute to reducing the youth unemployment rate and skills mismatch strengthening WBL element in VET

Stay tuned for the project’s updates!

Find out more by visiting our project’s official Website here!

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