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Report on suitable business models/projects identified for each pilot region


A “Report on suitable business models / projects identified for each pilot region” in the framework of “LIVERUR: Living Lab research concept in Rural Areas” project, was developed. LIVERUR´s work package 4.1, aims at identifying suitable rural business models/initiatives connected to the Living Lab concept. Therefore, a criteria system with the most relevant LIVERUR topics was developed is current (scientific) literature. This criteria system focuses on four main topics:

1. Living Lab approach

2. Economic sustainability

3. Social sustainability and

4. Ecological sustainability.

This work package aims at the creation of:

  • a new viable business model concept in a rural context, merging the Living Lab approach and Circular Economy theory
  • developing practical guidelines in pilot regions to implement the new business model concept “RAIN”. 

RAIN (RegionAl cIrcular liviNg lab business model concept) is a new business model concept, designed specifically for the rural context and taking into account regional characteristics. It is comprehensive as it combines theories on Living Labs, Circular Economy and other concepts.

In 1st part of the report:

  • the methods and steps of work to structure and categorize the business model examples in the pilot regions are explained
  • the selection of the projects – in close coordination with the pilot region partners – for further development within the project is explained.
  • all criteria and the indicator system, which build the basis for the business model/project selection are introduced.

In the 2nd part of the report:

  • the empirical work with data of the business model examples provided by the pilot region partners models. These data build the basis for the selection of one or more concrete business models per pilot region, which will be subject to further project work.

In conclusion, the project region partners provided data for altogether 39 projects/models. After an analysis and feedback phase, 20 projects/business models were selected for further development within LIVERUR project. What is interesting, is the diversity of projects/business models within LIVERUR pilot regions.

To read the full version of the “Report of Case studies on rural living lab`s definitions”, please click here.

Learn more about the project and its objectives and activities in the official webpage

A few words about the project:

, is a pioneering H2020 project which addresses living lab concepts, circular economy and new business models creation inside the rural communities in Europe and beyond. The short-term objective of the LIVERUR project is to ameliorate the knowledge of business models growing in rural areas, including an understanding of their potential in the future using multiple tools such as surveys and reports,  bringing rural innovation along with high impact to the wide spectrum to the agricultural activities, entrepreneurship, job creation, digital skills improvement, shared and circular economies along with new business models and prototypes for better decision-making and community engagement.

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