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Digitization in Education

digitization in education

The educational industry is evolving. The 21st century has brought many changes in the educational process. Changes that are still happening and aim to make the learning process faster and easier. The old school learning is no longer enough. And in some cases, it is not even effective.

Education has been boosted with the help of technology. Digital processes that once seemed out of this world are now the most common practices and more are coming to life. Learners are more demanding now. They want more knowledge, extensive information, and faster courses.

Digitization in dominating

Due to the evolution of the labor market, internet dominance, and the lack of time, especially for young people, time is of the essence. As a result, digital tools that provide e-learning opportunities, micro-learning, and bite-sized courses are growing more and more popular.

Seeing how the digital world is evolving, we could say that there does not seem to be any bounds as to what levels it might reach. Only recently the first VR classes started taking place in official institutions, testing the results and coming up with solutions for more effective education.

Starting from schools, moving to higher education institutions, and entering work-based learning processes, the development is radical. Technology is taking over everything. All one now needs is access to a smart device and the sky is the limits.

Starting for a young age

Entering the 21st century, more and more children are tech-savvy from a very young age. As a result, the possibilities for education are endless. Parents are now using smart devices as a way for children to have fun while playing educational games that impart knowledge every step of the way.

This mentality continues as they move on to school and university years, seeing as now the hard parts of education such as research for publications and terminologies have been smoothed out. And the people now never stop learning.

Simply mentioning names like Coursera or Udemy, people immediately think about low-budget, high-quality courses on pretty much every subject they might think of. New ventures like the IED Academy are attempting to take things to the next level, by providing courses specified to business from a different point of view.

Digital Education Platforms

IED Academy provides online courses in microlearning and bite-sized learning forms that can be used by everyone along with the valuable printable material they are accompanied by. The platform follows directions as to make the user experience fast and easy, responding to the need to save time and money while learning.

If we had to give digitization in education a definition we would say that it is the integration of different types of technologies in the educational sector that help promote better and wider knowledge, in a fast and easy way and most importantly, accessible by everyone.

From entrepreneurs creating new educational digitization platforms to EU programmes promoting EU calls for the digitization of education, digitization is trending as a most to-the-point manner for teaching and imparting knowledge of every kind.

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