ICT and Entrepreneurship

The evolution of ICT is a known fact that appears to be growing stronger and stronger. With more and more companies understanding the importance of it for the labor market, the ICT sector is taking over massive industries.

More and more opportunities are being created, especially for younger people in the field of entrepreneurship, because of ICT. At the same time more and more businesses are focusing on the enhancements and evolution of business practices based on ICT.

Changes in the labor market

ICT has triggered massive changes in various fields since the beginning of 2010. With the evolution of technology, it will continue to do so and all we can do is wait and evolve along with it. In the field of entrepreneurship, these changes come much faster.

Nowadays, an entrepreneurial venture of any kind cannot exist without a proper ICT sector. Entrepreneurship is characterized by many things. One of them is innovation. And entrepreneurial venture needs to be innovative.

Innovation is utterly linked to ICT. As a result, it is no accident that most modern or new enterprises are being created based on ICT alone. New telecommunication systems, new software developments, new additions to technologies that make things work faster and better.

New opportunities in entrepreneurship

It appears that ICT will slowly eliminate the need for certain jobs. At the same time, it will create the need for others. This allows entrepreneurs to get ahead of things and find those new ideas that will help them create the jobs of the future. But how is ICT changing the world exactly?

Starting, by combining ICT with entrepreneurship we come up with the most fundamental type of industry which is, of course, e-commerce. E-commerce can now be found everywhere. Companies from across the world can be connected with consumers and deliver products and services through ICT.

ICT is changing industries

Another important industry that has been affected and utterly changed by ICT is the marketing and advertising industry. Everything is digital nowadays because everyone is always online. The marketeers now reach out to more people, they can send their messages faster and easier and as a result, increase their revenue.

These two industries as well as many others have gained a lot of benefits for ICT with saved time being one of the most important ones. Communications are easier and faster but the most important benefit that is majorly helping entrepreneurs is location.

With ICT entrepreneurs no longer need and actual physical store or even an office to provide people with products or services. Everything can be done online. From telecommunications to purchases and shipping of products.

Changing the price rates

Courses and lessons are now taking place online, through ICT platforms specifically created for that purpose. Once the utility costs are being minimized, prises drop. As prices drop more and more people can have access to products and services that can help them increase their life quality

Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this new turn of events to create more complex products with more functions and enhance their services to accommodate new practices and needs on a worldwide level.


With the help of EU funding programmes, collaborations are being promoted to create everything, from handbooks and guide books to ICT platforms and digital tools for business, entrepreneurs, massive industries, and so on.

There is no doubt that we are still scratching the surface. New technologies will bring new solutions to problems but more needs will be developed. What new and innovative addition will be created in the future, it remains to be seen!

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Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Manager & Copywriter