15 Best Educational Learning Apps for Kids

Educational learning apps for kids have become very important nowadays. As we experience the so-called “new normal”, which calls for social distancing to avoid the Covid-19 contagion, kids cannot attend regular, brick-and-mortar schools.

To ensure they don’t lag at studies due to the pandemic, which shows no signs of ebbing though we’re now in 2021, it’s high time that parents provide the best educational and learning app for kids.

Also, if you’re home-schooling your kids, these best educational apps can definitely provide a vital resource.

Reasons to Use Learning Apps

There’re several reasons to use learning apps for kids. I will write some of the biggest advantages here that could help you make decisions.

  • Your kids can learn about mobile phone technology to some extent by using educational and learning apps.
  • These apps are user-friendly and combine entertainment with education, which makes learning easier and faster.
  • Some educational and learning apps are free of cost, means you don’t have to spend from your pocket.
  • There’re also apps which can help your kids to learn a foreign language.
  • Nowadays, educational and learning apps are available for children of all ages- from two years to 18 years.

Best 15 Educational and Learning Apps

With so many advantages and the possibilities of avoiding the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m sure that you would be interested in providing such educational apps for your kids. If that’s the case, continue reading because I will be writing about the 15 best educational learning apps for kids.

ABCmouse Early Learning Academy

The app ABCmouse offers free one month of learning. It is ideal for kids aged between two and eight years. Later, you’ve to subscribe to the app at just $9.95 per month. This app contains lots of lessons that kids could learn through puzzles. The app features quizzes and educational games and reading on subjects such as art, music, science and math, among other subjects.  


For older kids or those who wish to master a foreign language, try Duolingo. This is a free app that you can download on Android-based smartphones and iPhones. Duolingo provides free foreign language lessons to learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Czech, Welsh, Danish, and Greek. Your child can also get instant grades by passing in-built tests on this app.

To calculate your child’s test grade, you will need first to find out the average score of all the questions. You can do this by adding up all the scores and then dividing by the total number of questions. Once you have the average score, you can then use a grading scale to determine what percentage your child scored on

Math Games

Math Games is an app that consists of some 21 various interactive math gains. This app is handy for kids having difficulties with numbers. These games are based on simple additions, subtractions, and various mathematical formulas that children would find easy to learn. They also have a lesson on how to learn tables quickly.


PlanetSpark is a platform that leverages powerful technology to provide live online classes to K8 learners on English Communication, Public Speaking, Grammar, Creative Writing, Debating, Vlogging, and other ‘new age’ skills. With the use of modern fun methods of learning that go beyond traditional ways and unorganized tuitions. 

I’m A Puzzle

Puzzles have been consistently shown to improve spatial-visual observation, memory, and motor skills in kids. Moreover, they’re a wonderful way to pass the time and stimulate your child’s brain with bright and beautiful colours. But plenty of digital versions of this timeless activity will entertain little ones without any messes, choking hazards, or risk of losing puzzle pieces. I’m a Puzzle is an app that lets your child solve all their favourite jigsaw puzzles digitally. You can toggle plenty of difficulty settings, such as the number of pieces or the image they choose to solve. The app is a lovely way to introduce jigsaw puzzles to your kids.


SplashLearn stands out as an exceptional educational app designed for kids, offering a comprehensive learning experience across various grades, from Pre-K to Grade 5. It covers key subjects like math and ELA through an engaging blend of games, engaging worksheets, and live classes. What sets SplashLearn apart is its adaptive algorithm, which personalizes the learning journey according to each child’s individual pace and understanding. This feature ensures that learning is always at the right level of challenge for the student. Additionally, SplashLearn provides parents with detailed progress-tracking tools, enabling them to monitor their child’s learning milestones and areas of improvement. With its fun educational resources and parent-friendly interface, SplashLearn is not just a learning tool but a partner in making education both fun and effective for children.


Bamboo works very well with Alexa. That means, if you have an Alexa unit at home, all you or your kid needs to do is give it a command to start Bamboo learning. This app provides lessons ranging from science and math to history, geography, English language and many more subjects. This is a top-rated app and is available free of cost to Alexa users.

Funbrain.Jr is exactly what its name states. It uses fun and games to develop your child’s skills. They can play games with other players online and win digital stickers and badges to display on their profiles. It also has a storytelling resource that would interest parents too. There’re storybooks in their online library for both parents and kids.


Now you might wonder what’s Zoom got to do with education and learning apps. A lot, in fact. That’s because there’re countless online courses that your kids can access through Udemy and other e-learning portals for free. However, for accessing these lessons, your kid will definitely require Zoom. A lot of volunteer educators are also providing free online classes on Zoom. And maybe your child’s school is also holding classes over Zoom.

New American History

New American History is for children that are above eight years of age. It prepares your children for various subjects such as history and geography, which feature in the social sciences curriculum of America. They have various resources such as games and puzzles, quizzes and an online library that make learning American history a fun-filled experience.


HippoCampus comes with nearly 3,500 videos on a vast array of 14 different subjects in high school curricula. Your kid can find lessons on math, science, physics, chemistry, biology, history, religion, geography, and lots more on this app. This is also a free app and one of the most popular. It can complement your homeschooling efforts very well.

123 Homeschool 4 Me

If you’re a parent that’s homeschooling your kids due to the pandemic, then 123 Homeschool 4 Me is a resource you simply must have. This app contains downloadable worksheets and resources for parents. You can download these worksheets to teach your kids. It has lessons for kids from Kindergarten to Grade-4.  


Actually, Beanstalk is a paid app. However, Beanstalk offers free downloads and use during the new normal. This app is best for preschoolers. It contains lessons that are suitable for children between the ages of one-and-half years to six years. All these lessons are made by trained and experienced faculty members of various schools.


Accessibyte is yet another paid app. However, it offers downloads and uses for free to ensure that kids don’t lag at school and overall learning. You can use this app for free for a limited period only. Accessibyte offers recorded lessons through remote tutors and features games and quizzes on all school subjects. However, check whether the free offer continues before downloading the app. If not, you could opt for the paid one, which costs $9.99 per month.  


Belouga is a very versatile app. That’s because it is designed for kids and preteens. Regardless of your child’s age, this amazing app features a vast collection of learning resources for both kids and parents that are homeschooling their children. In fact, you can teach your child advanced subjects so that they catch up with their peers elsewhere in the world, where schools have started and academic years are functioning like normal.


BrainPOP offers two types of curricula. One is for preschool kids aged between one and three years. The other is for K-12 students. The one for preschoolers is called BrainPOP Jr.  On both these apps, you’ll find a lot of resources and educational material in various subjects from English language, grammar and social studies to math, science and health as well as physical fitness. This app is also ideal for parents homeschooling their kids.  

Disney. BYJU

Disney BYJU is an educational app from India but developed in collaboration with the American entertainment giant Walt Disney Co. This app has lots of educational and learning resources in English that are suitable for students. Their courses are for everyone- from preschoolers to high school students. The collaboration with Disney means you can find lessons that feature their popular cartoons, making learning fun and easy.

In Conclusion

The above 15 apps are the best in their category of education and learning. Most of these apps are free, but some are available on very affordable subscriptions. I suggest you read the information about these apps before downloading them. That could give you a precise idea of what kind of education and learning experience your children would have.

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Vasilis Bouronikos
Content & Communication Manager