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The Power of Marketing in the eLearning Industry

The Power of Marketing in the eLearning Industry

The E-learning industry has registered significant growth during the pandemic. In a time when schools and colleges were shut down, internet-based learning was the only mode of learning for learners. People explored the dynamics of electronic devices with the power of mobile apps, especially E-learning apps.

The flexibility of learning from anywhere and on any device delivered an extensive, fun environment of learning for learners. And all these positive factors lead to the spark of the E-learning mobile app development trend in the market.

However, a number of E-learning startups fail because of a failed marketing strategy. Hence, we will explore the power of marketing in the E-learning industry. But before heading to the core of the article, lets us understand the power of mobile apps, Education app development market stats, and information about the E-learning app marketing budget.

Power of E-Learning Mobile Apps

The power of E-learning mobile apps reveals why E-learning has become the future of education. Digital learning offers a flexible and fun way to teach students. Here are the factors associated with the power of E-learning mobile apps.

  1. Ease of access: The need to travel and attend school has been reduced. Students can join classes from mobile apps on their smartphones or the website.
  2. Efficient learning: Learning with mobile apps is efficient. The dynamics of graphic designing digital platforms offer way more than the traditional teaching mode.
  3. Boosting Mobile app development trend: When more schools and universities shift to E-learning mobile apps, it boosts the IT sector. Mobile app development companies and website development agencies can further spread their operations when they have more business.
  4. Boosting AI and ML in wearable devices: AR VR technology will dominate in the future with the power of mobile apps. The technologies will be powered by advanced AI and ML algorithms built by Data engineers in the sector.

With the power of mobile apps, the learners, teaching authorities & institutions, and the IT world will grow. Let us check out the Education app development market stats.

Education App Development Market Stats

The continuous adoption of E-learning mobile apps has bought jaw-dropping stats associated with the Education app development market.

  • The global eLearning market is predicted to touch $337 Billion by 2026, directly boosting the Education app development market stats.
  • Since 2000, the revenue of the E-learning market has increased by 900%.
  • SaaS built by E-learning app development companies is making over 29% of the total -learning market growth.
  • React Native and Flutter attained 6th and 7th positions in the most used framework in the StackOverflow developer survey.
  • 90% of the corporates use the E-learning model collaboration.
  • Dow Chemical Company has saved $34 million after moving from physical classrooms to corporate e-learning tools.
  • AR and VR are gamifying the online learning classes where E-learning takes 40% to 60% lesser time for employees and students to learn.

The above E-learning market stats are also associated with the E-learning app development market. When the number of E-learning apps grows, the industry boosts the app development domain in the IT field. It is time to cover highly rewarding Digital marketing strategies that the E-learning industry should use.

Digital Marketing Strategies E-Learning Industry Should Use

If you have read the above stats and have come across the power of mobile apps, then you must be wondering what the thing that sets apart the leading E-learning apps is. The answer is market strategies. Here are the digital marketing strategies the E-learning industry should use.

Search Engine Optimization for Google Presence

SEO is an unavoidable marketing channel if your target is an E-learning business. Most people operate E-learning platforms from their systems to stay productive. And you must mark your presence on Google to stay on top of the eLearning-based searches. Start by:

  • Headers, title, meta tags optimization according to your keywords
  • Secure your website
  • Optimize URLs and images with keywords
  • Fix broken links and make a website or mobile app responsive
  • Use SEO tools like SemRush
  • Use powerful CTAs

PPC Advertising

65% of the users click on Pay per click advertisements. To implement powerful PPC advertising:

  • Hire great copywriters
  • Utilize snippets of your blog
  • Write a great Meta description for PPC

Use the Power of Social Media

Social media is itself a search engine today. When you search for top Custom mobile app development companies, you might find the links from LinkedIn in a Google search. Here are the best social media practices:

  • Interact with the people related to your industry through social media
  • Choose social platforms wisely and focus on them
  • Use social media paid ads

The above three digital marketing strategies will ensure that your E-learning mobile app grows to become the leading app. If you are planning to hire a Digital marketing company, you must worry about the budget. Deciding E-learning app marketing budget.

Deciding E-Learning App Marketing Budget

Deciding E-learning app marketing budget can be tricky. Although there is no fixed number related to the cost of eLearning app marketing, we can still suggest estimates. Generally, an Edtech company utilizes 5-10% of its annual revenue for marketing. Some EdTech companies may set a quarter of their annual revenue for marketing since marketing is the most important channel to bring leads.

Final Words

The power of E-learning is one of the key reasons why Entrepreneurs are targeting E-learning mobile app development. However, only a few of the E-learning mobile apps register growth. The above marketing strategies will ensure the growth of your E-learning mobile app.

Author Bio

Ishan Gupta is the CEO and Co-founder of RipenApps, a leading web and mobile app development company specializing in android and iOS app development. Deploying feature-loaded mobile & web app solutions to SMBs globally transforms business all around.

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