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Tips for Effective Grant Writing for Nonprofits

Effective Grant Writing Tips for Nonprofits

Grants are an essential resource for funding for most nonprofits (NPOs) around the world. Money that runs into billions is given to charitable organisations by foundations each year. Grants account for most of the funds an organisation operates with, making grant writing a critical process for any nonprofit.

When writing grants, enough research needs to be done to convince the foundations offering the grants that the activities a nonprofit is engaged in are for the benefit of the project proposed. NPOs may source for external companies to write their proposals that may increase the chances of getting grants. 

The article will look into some of the tips that ensure effective grant writing for nonprofits.

Tell your story

A nonprofit should ensure it gets noticed amid all other proposals with a compelling narration of the organisation’s impact. Telling a powerful story increases the chances of landing a grant because it adds a humane concept to the proposal, influencing potential funders. Stories can be developed from the beneficiaries of the programs a nonprofit is engaged in and the nonprofit’s programs’ impact.

Respond to the right questions

Grant writing should aim to answer questions such as the need the nonprofit meets in society. Other possible questions are the unique features and programs that distinguish the nonprofit from other organisations, specifics of how the nonprofit will impact the community, and how the nonprofit can sustain its programs once the grant funds are depleted. Answering these questions with specific details is essential as potential funders can get convinced when they get the proper answers. Also, such information provides potential funders with adequate knowledge they would require about the nonprofit.

Use simple language to sell your idea

Most nonprofits fail to receive grants because they use very complex language. Such language may result in them missing some essential information that is critical to funders. Most funders prefer straightforward language without empty jargon. Simple proposals ensure that funders read through them clearly and understand what the NPO is all about. Most funders get put off by very complex language as they do not understand what is communicated in the proposals.

Write logical solutions in the proposal

Effective grant writing is always based on facts. A proposal should present as a narration with the beginning, which is usually the source of the nonprofit’s problem. A proposal should also contain a middle part of the solutions that the program initiated by the nonprofit is offering and an end that signifies the program’s outcomes. The proposal should give precise information to the funder reading it with information about what the NPO will do, the beneficiaries, and why they should provide grants to the nonprofit.

The budget should be consistent with the proposal

It is a mistake for a nonprofit to write a compelling proposal inconsistent with the budget provided. The project’s budget is always an opportunity to tell the story of the nonprofit in the proposal. Most funders are always interested in the budget, explaining how the grants they offer will be utilised.

The nonprofit should use a company like Yahoo Finance for linking the proposal to the budget. The company has a good reputation for coming up with proposals that fit the proposed budget. By using Yahoo Finance, the nonprofit will increase its chances of landing a grant. Writing a proposal that is not consistent with the budget may raise many questions that can reduce the chances of getting a grant.

Write a convincing proposal

When writing a grant proposal, the nonprofit must convince the funders that they know what they are doing. All the facts about a program should be included in a proposal and should make sense. Funders are always into programs that bring both financial and real-life sense.

The details in the proposal should make the funder feel confident that the funds they are going to disburse will be used in a responsible and proper manner. Also, a proposal should include a solid plan highlighting the capability of the nonprofit and the leaders’ experience and skills.


Grant writing is a very tasking activity. Nonprofits should give facts of the programs they are requesting funds for using powerful narrations. The narrations should, however, be consistent with the budget the nonprofit is proposing. The proposal should use straightforward language to ensure the funders understand what the nonprofit is all about. Finally, a proposal should convince the funders that the nonprofit knows what it is doing.

Author Bio

Paul Bates is an entrepreneur, business writer and educator at SolidEssay and APA 7th Edition companies. He graduated from Fresno State University and started a freelance career in content marketing and education sectors. He is a regular contributor to such websites as Medium, Huffington Post, etc.

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