How to Write Effective EU Proposals

Writing effectively EU proposals, is a process of multiple stages. Each stage demands different set of skills. A crude list of the steps are the following: develop an idea; spot a pertinent EU call; find European partners to cooperate; write the proposal; proofreading the proposal; and, submit.

Development of an Existing Idea for EU Proposals

Having an idea that needs to be examined thoroughly, in order to be implemented, is not an any easy task for a beginner. No matter, how much thought and effort you have put on this idea, there will probably be aspects, that you forgot to include; or, aspects that are not fully developed.

iED’s workforce consists of highly experienced personnel, on the subject of European programmes. Our personnel can help you elaborate your idea to greater extent, by tracing any weak spots. In addition, our services extent to making pertinent suggestions to enhance your vision.

On European calls and Partner Hunting

Finding the right EU call to submit your application can be a long process. And, if you are beginner you might not know where to look for pertinent calls. In addition, finding reliable European partners that will help you implement your idea, is not an easy task either.

No matter, how daunting this may seem. iED has pertinent services that can assist you on finding calls that correspond to your idea. Moreover, our institute has a massive network of reliable partners, and of different activity. We offer our network to provide you with matchmaking services; namely, we can suggest partners that match your idea’s needs.

The Writing Process

Proposal writing for an EU programme demands certain set of writing skills. Our team possess the needed skills to write a competitive proposal and proofread it, to avoid mistakes. Furthermore, our writers have a wide spectrum of knowledge, a fact that can be interpreted in knowledge on writing about a vast spectrum of subjects.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is committed to provide you with high quality services regarding EU proposals, all around Europe. In addition, we will treat your proposal with confidentiality and respect to your vision.

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