South Summit 2021: The Greener Approach of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The South Summit 2021 is taking place for once again, as an established facilitator of innovation and entrepreneurship. The event will be actualized in person in Madrid, on October 5th till 7th 2021. It is the ultimate place of connection, where active players of entrepreneurship, can interact with each other, and shape the future.

The Framework of South Summit

South Summit initiated as a counteract attempt to tackle the economic crisis. The initiative begun, in 2012, as a result of a synergy between Spain Startup and IE Business School. The meeting’s idea was founded in the observation, regarding the positive impact inflicted by entrepreneurial activity. For 10 years, the platform attracts international startups, where they have the opportunity to interact with potential stakeholders, investors and corporations and expand their entrepreneurial activity.

The aim of this platform is to redefine the economic landscape, through innovation and sustainability. In addition, the meeting offers to those interested the opportunity to attend, both digitally and in person. Finally, it operates all year long, by integrating the most interesting digital and in person parts of the meeting.

For more information, for this innovation platform, you can explore the contents of the official website.

South Summit 2021

Influential actors of the ecosystem are going to meet up in this year’s event, and engage in a discourse. The meeting’s agenda encompasses delving into technologies and other sustainable solutions, regarding green economic transition. Furthermore, an event regarding carbon neutral is scheduled.

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