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Tips for Incorporating Foreign Language Videos Into a Marketing Strategy

Tips for Incorporating Foreign Language Videos Into a Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is a powerful and far-reaching strategy that can help you to reach not only a global audience but more customers locally, as countries and communities become increasingly culturally diverse.

When you pair your videos with different languages, you can achieve greater lead acquisition, customer engagement, and sales. In addition, the high cost of creating a high-quality video can be fully utilized by ensuring your video is accessible to customers who speak another language or who require further subtitling in the primary video language to absorb the message entirely. To summarise, by opening up your videos to other languages, you’re maximizing the video’s potential impact and reach, as well as increasing your ROI marketing spend.

To help you capitalize on this important marketing strategy, here are our top tips for incorporating foreign language videos into your plans:

Add captions/subtitles & voiceovers

Adding professional subtitles and captions means it’s really easy for you to market to more people. If you primarily communicate with your audience in a language other than English, adding English subtitling is usually a no-brainer. It’s such a widely spoken language and one of the most popular second languages to learn that you should have no trouble finding new viewers for your videos.

When it comes to International audience location, you have to find your global audience and then capitalize on those new opportunities. You may not have marketed there, but if your analytics tell you that there is a captive audience there, it’s time to integrate that local language into your marketing.

There’s no need to produce location-specific content for this to happen, which is great for your bottom line. Professional voiceovers, captions, and subtitles can easily turn your current content into even more far-reaching marketing material, all without the need to produce a new video.

Add open captions to ‘open’ marketing

If you have an ad playing on your homepage on your website, or you’re playing a video in a place where people from all over the world will visit, such as an airport, open captions are a great idea. Open captions are where the captions are not optional and are displayed on the video as standard. These captions can help viewers understand your video better. If they’re in a different language, especially one most likely to be spoken in the location of your advert, they can expand the video’s reach to more customers. Companies can also use an online video maker for creating video content in different languages so that they can engage audiences worldwide

Science supports foreign language video integration

Various analytics tell us that subtitles and captions can increase viewer engagement because they grab their attention. Because of this, you’ll retain the customer’s attention for longer than a video without these kinds of additions.

Suppose your business is attracting a global audience. In that case, foreign language subtitling and captions can make it more likely that you grab the attention of those customers and encourage them to follow a call to action – e.g., signing up for a newsletter.

We know that 94% of people watch explainer videos about a product and over 80% of those go on to purchase. Imagine if your current target audience included different markets worldwide simply by adding voiceover or subtitling options on your videos? It’s a no-brainer!

It’s time to make your marketing videos multilingual

Any business offering video content can expand its target market by adding multilingual subtitles, caption, and voiceover options. It’s one of the easiest ways to stretch your video marketing for increased reach, customer acquisition, and sales.

The question is, when are you going to take advantage of this incredible marketing opportunity?

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