EU Project Proposal Writing: Our Experience at Your Services

The EU funding procedure is highly competitive, due to the difficulty of EU project proposal writing; the submission procedure being discerning; and, the variety of subjects there are. Hence, the whole procedure could be quite discouraging for a beginner. Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) offers pertinent, high-quality services; from the proposal writing process to EU project evaluation.

Provision of Pertinent Information and Consultation Services

Our Institute has the knowledge and experience to guide you throughout the proposal writing process. The fact that we have been awarded prizes, justify that our services are high-quality indeed.

We can analyze your idea; exchange points of view; and consult you regarding the materialization of your idea and its needs. Subsequently, we can spot and suggest a suitable European program, that fulfills the needs of your aim.

Furthermore, iED provides “matchmaking” services. This action aims to submit a complete proposal, from every aspect.

Grant Proposal Review Services

However, even if you decide to go through the writing procedure on your own, there are available services regarding funding proposal review. We can proof-read; we can make suggestions; and, we can evaluate your effort and give you our feedback, at the project preparation stage.

Bring your Old Ideas into the Foreground

However, in case you have an old proposal that has not been forwarded to the materialization stage; it does not necessarily mean that it is not an idea worth going forward to implementation. We can help you spot the weak parts of your grant proposal, and get back to you with our feedback.

Meeting our EU project proposal writing Experts

The EU project proposal writing demands specialized knowledge; and, dexterity in writing skills, in order to accomplish the desired result.

Each of our professional project proposal writer has a wide spectrum of knowledge; a fact interpreted as a more targeted application. Combining our researchers’ different backgrounds, iED’s grant proposal writing services can cover any subject. In addition, our team of researchers possess the know-how of the writing process, in order to achieve a successful and competitive application.

Our Clients’ Profile

As it is aforementioned, our collective experience as a team can be asset; in terms of service provision, including proposal writing. Our Institute is located in the town of Larissa, central Greece. However, our clients’ location does not limit them to the premises of Larissa, nor Greece; we provide our services across Europe.

If you are interested in EU project proposal writing services, do not hesitate to contact our experts. Challenge us with your ideas and we can make it come into existence.

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