What is the Impact of EU Projects on Society?

European Projects have always had a big impact on society. Starting with the European society, they also affect societies around the world. Today, EU programmes are being implemented everywhere around Europe. And their impact to businesses and communities is bigger than ever before.

When we talk about EU programmes, we usually think about Erasmus Plus and Horizon 2020, two of the biggest European Financial Frameworks. These programmes, as well as similar ones, focus on research, innovation and – personal and professional development of individuals. That alone is enough to help us understand why they have such a big impact on society.

EU programmes vary depending on the action and ”type” of Programme. All projects are focusing on important research of course. Depending on the action, the project could focus on different target groups and different social sections. There are projects focusing on education, entrepreneurship, social inclusion and so on.

Solving Society’s Major Issues

As you can understand the impact on society has many different variations. The Horizon 2020 programme, for example, has a long-term impact. That impact may take a long time to appear as it comes through the research and development of scientific ideas. That results of the Horizon 2020 programme have been created in such a way, in order to last for a very long time. The lifespan of the impact, as well as the changes it will bring to the society, will be able to set a pace for new and innovative ideas that will change world history.

At the same time, Erasmus+ Projects focus on solving current problems that affect society on a daily basis. Problems like unemployment and discrimination that munch on the foundation of modern societies.

As a whole, all these projects are improving the quality of life for European citizens. Every project contributes to society in many different aspects. Change needs to happen now and the implementation of EU Programmes is the right way to do it!

The changes might not be visible to everyone. People are not always aware of the extension of a problem until it affects them somehow. Therefore, understanding the impact of a project on migration, for example, if you are not involved in the problem somehow, is most likely not going to happen. Learning about the impact, however, is certainly not very difficult. You just need to keep your ears and eyes open, to hear the stories. The stories of the people behind the curtain, working to make change happen.

The organizations that are responsible to create and – bring to life, the proposals that are set to make important changes for the society, can show you the impact through the material created during the implementation of the projects. The people working for these organizations come in contact with so many vulnerable groups of people, on a daily basis and they have much to offer in terms of information.

The impact of EU Programmes on the migration issue

When it comes to Europe’s major issues, the migration influx can certainly be considered one of the biggest. Large numbers of people enter Europe, without so much of an idea about their future. This is where the EU Projects come in and the organizations implementing them always work hard to make sure they will help migrants with their integration as fast and easy as possible.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is one of those organization. And the IED’s team has many stories to share.

Through the implementation of projects like YSE- Social Entrepreneurship for Youth in Europe and Fighting discrimination and anti-Gypsyism in education and employment in EU – PAL , the people here at the IED can see the difference.

  • Thanks to European Programmes, a large number of migrants has been able to build a new life in the European Society. Many european projects are focusing on solving the major issue that is the migrants influx.
  • Young unemployed people without proper education were able to acquire new skills and competencies and actually have a good chance to find a job. EU Projects are able to train people, teach them how they can become active members of society. One way or another.

If you want to see the change in the society all you have to do is look around you. Yes, there will always be discrimination and there will always be people who will not accept what they do not know. There will always be people that, for one reason or another, were not able to get the education they wanted. European Projects offer opportunities to everyone.

To know of the impact of the European Programmes, one must first know about the goals that are being set. Eliminating poverty, establishing gender equality, decent work and economic growth are just some of the goals that can at the same time be cosidered indicators of societal evolution that occurs as a result of the impact. The official european websites can provide you with information on all these goals as well as the affect they have on society and the impact, by the numbers.



New opportunities: The biggest impact of the EU Programmes

EU Programmes offer new opportunities to the people taking part in them, first, and to the rest of the European society, second. The people writing the proposals and implementing the projects get to come in contact with so many different groups. They get to see, first hand, what migrants are experiencing in this new society. How young unemployed people feel about not being able to find a job. How important education proves to be every single day. Every problem can be fixed. Through hard work and precision. European Projects will always be right there to give people the opportunity to create something great. A proper environment for education to thrive and for discrimination to be eliminated.

If you want to learn more about the effect EU programmes have on the society all you have to do is pay a visit to the websites of the projects themselves. You can visit the websites of the many organizations, implementing EU Programmes, as well and check out their achievement and their vision for the future. Talk to them and learn how you can be a part of these projects.

You can be a part of that change. Either as a volunteer or as a participant. The changes that have been happening and are about to happen will work the best for you and others around you.

You can make a difference!!

If you are now starting your own organization and you want to make a difference in the world then seek out the best of the best when it comes to EU partners. You can find others like you and work with them. People that will be able to provide you with their expertise and give you an actual chance in becoming an active stakeholder for EU Projects.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is certainly the kind of organization that can be a strong EU partner. After years of experience and having implemented countless projects, the IED’s team knows all about the impact of the projects on the society.

Eliminating discrimination and racism, helping people find a job and get the proper education, giving the elderly a chance to become an active member for the society once again and many more. This is the kind of impact the projects can have on the society. Teaching and helping people develop. They play a vital role in the evolution of society and the innovation of industries.

Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Expert / Copywriter

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