EU Sustainable Energy Week

One of EU’s largest annual events, the EU Sustainable Week, is dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. The event brings together energy stakeholders from all over the world aiming at driving forward the clean energy transition.

EUSEW goes digital

For the year 2020, the EUSEW will take place online. Over 30 interactive online sessions will form the theme “Beyond the crisis: clean energy for green recovery and growth” and all the networking activities and varied programme of side events for participants.

Organized by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises the EUSEW helps public authorities, private companies, NGOs as well as consumers to promote initiatives that will lead to saving energy and secure efficient power.

Bringing stakeholders together

The Energy Days which are the digital activities and the events that will be organized by the local public as well as private organizations are a great way to promote the event’s goal, clean and efficient energy.

A lot of local authorities and organizations had the opportunity to organize digital events by registering and proving how they will contribute to the energy and climate goals of the EU.

One of the most important events that took place during the EUSEW is the EU Sustainable Energy Awards on June 23rd. In the ceremony, outstanding individuals and projects were recognized for their innovation and ideas in energy efficiency and renewables.

The European Green Deal

One of the most important topics discusses at the beginning of the week is the European Green Deal and whether it should remain a number one priority for the EU, following the pandemic events of the past few months.

The European Union gave a very clear and unanimous answer. The European Green Deal remains a priority as it is now fully incorporated in the European Recovery plan. We also see that despite the changes in the world order due to the pandemic, the European Union has not changed the the initial timelines for the Green Deal Initiatives, which was once again updated for 2020.

A driver for the economy

The EU considers the European Green Deal to be a driver of the economic recovery for Europe and perhaps even the world. It offers a very specific strategy that ensures Europe will escape the current situation and meet all the specific climate goals that were set, with a strong decarbonizing and digital economy. After all, recent data has proven that climate mitigation is connected with economic growth.

Apart from the European Green Deal, it appears that Renewable Energy is one of the hottest topics for this year’s EUSEW. Renewable energy seems to be the factor that will “rescue” the economy after the pandemic.

A successful event

The EU Sustainable Energy Week appears to be moving better than predicted. With more and more people logging in every day and talking about important matters for the environment and the economy, we notice ideas being shaped and collaborations coming to life.

It is a great opportunity for SMEs and Startups to show off their work, promote their ideas, and find collaborators that will help them take things to the next level. You can stay tuned with IED for more news of this year’s EU Sustainable Energy Week.

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