Exploring the Education Technology Trends for 2021

The education system is a powerful weapon for their development and growth because what a person learns from their school brings them a fruitful career ahead. So the education system must follow the education technology trends modified according to the need of society.

Today we are living in the 21st century where every sector is influenced by advanced technology. Education has also become a crucial part of it as technology plays a vital role in the education sector. As a result of which, there are numerous education technology trends to watch out for.

It is said that a higher educational institution might be treated as an outdated traditional system of education.

If they are not adopting the immense trend of education technology, that is introduced for the educational system to teach the student of the coming youth. Technology helps to create a dynamic, practical and relevant education.

Earlier, education was an underserved segment, but now, after adopting tech trends in the education system, it is hopefully going to rise upward.

Higher education institutions would accelerate the adoption of cloud-based technology for:

  • Assessment management system;
  • Learning management system;
  • Student relation management system.

An app is preferred over the other apps if it has the capacity to integrate with the other apps. If you are thinking about building an ed-tech app, the most important thing is integrating your app with other apps.

Some leading things help the educational institution and dominate the learning process in the year 2022. Let us now discuss the list of tech trends that have shaped the education system in 2021.

Education Technology Trends in 2021

Video-based Learning

As per the data collected by the survey, which Cisco conducts at the end of the year 2019, 80 % of internet traffic would be derived from the consumption of videos, and it is expected that this data will rise more in the coming year.

People on Youtube are active for education and entertainment purposes. 86% of U.S. viewers say they often use YouTube to learn new things.

Nowadays, the students avoid reading for study, and they are getting more attracted to the videos for learning.

Videos are becoming de-facto means for learning purposes, and a student grabs the things through listening and watching more efficiently.

They watch videos to clear their concept and their knowledge for a long time.

Some of the innovative technologies like Smart TV, smartphones and the android power TV act as a helping hand to increase video consumption.

Even today, higher educational institutions are rapidly investing their money in building interesting educational video channels.

It makes learning interesting and easy. Students can use these videos repeatedly to learn their concepts.

A higher educational institution must be emphasizing video preparation tools and techniques to stand equal in the digital world.

A person can record the lectures in a sequence and utilize them for more than one successive time by the students. And faculty can communicate to solve the queries of the students.

The videos are of different kinds, such as topic-based, tech-based (including images with descriptions) and classroom-based videos. When a video is prepared, various tools are used to accelerate the process of video making.

Students must enrol their names on online learning courses because there is n number of benefits of the tech educational system.

A student can watch videos repeatedly for understanding and revision.

It makes the boring subject interesting, and the learning process manageable, anywhere or on any device, either on a smart TV, smartphone or Personal computer. These features have made it one of the crucial education technology trends in recent times.

Blockchain technology

It is one of the tech trends in the educational sector and all the sectors.

It offers a huge collaboration and a secured platform to exchange data for organizations and individuals. The rule of security is unique and hard to hack in the blockchain.

There are a plethora of cases in which the use of the blockchain is seen in the higher education sector.

A student shares their personal data for multiple purposes either for academic purposes or company recruitment.

So the security is needed at the time of exchanging or transferring the data; here, the blockchain is useful.

In the year 2022, the blockchain is going to take immense popularity in the higher education sector.

Blockchain technology trend is the right path for early mover advantages. Blockchain security help in storing data in digital form, and an authentic user can easily access the information with it.

Online assessment techniques

An education system is incomplete without examination. An examination process is the key to success for the student evaluation process.

In traditional methods, exams are conducted with pen on paper and the answer sheets were evaluated by manual process.

But now, the online exam process simplifies the overall examination and assessment process and it is speedy in nature. The preparation of the results of online exams is by using artificial intelligence machine software.

It compares the model answers with the answers given by the students and provides an accurate evaluation that seems that it will become the rule onwards.

It prevents cheating by remote proctoring technique. Essentially this system verifies the candidate of remote areas from image processing techniques.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

Artificial intelligence has a bright future. It has become a ruler for the other in the near future. Education institutions have greatly influenced artificial intelligence.

It has many useful implementations in higher education. Particularly, facial recognition or thumb impression is some artificial intelligence.

Today in the education sector, nobody can gain any proxy attendance because of artificial intelligence in their educational institutions.

Now, artificial intelligence can easily track the attendance of the student through the digital method. It also helps to maintain infrastructure security from unauthorized access.

Artificial intelligence has the power to conduct exams even without the physical presence of an invigilator. It reduces the biasness against the students.

Virtual reality technique (VR)

VR as an educational technology trend

Tech trends are becoming an economically friendly tool for learning. It makes you perceive that things are just before you where you are standing.

It is a cost-effective technique for learning.

Several games like Pokemon Go formed on virtual reality, and there is also some edutainment, which means learning plus entertainment.

This combination improves the learning resistance of the students and enhances the interest of the students to gain knowledge.

Now, virtual reality is becoming a need of the hour in the upcoming year of 2022. An innovative concept of education forms three-dimensional virtual reality.

Internet of Things (IoT)

In various fields, IoT App Development helps in automation and control. It is useful in the education sector also. It is used in face detection on monitoring student’s vehicles. The educational institution can develop Digital Attendance Management in their institution.

It is useful to track the locations of school buses or students’ vehicles. Additionally, it can help save electricity with the help of the automatic switch on/off of light as per requirement. It can also calculate the time taken by students to complete their projects or tasks.


Chatbots are one of the techniques used from an early time in Facebook messengers, and from the last year, it has been taking off. Many innovative and interesting technology providers have introduced workflow based on chatbots technology development.

With the help of this, a person can easily arrange the chat between the real man and a machine in a live environment. It helps in solving the problem of website visitors and mobile app visitors in a speedy manner.

It is compiled with frequently asked questions, blogs, and articles of the higher educational institutions that help students to resolve their queries easily anytime and anywhere on a 24/7 basis.

Additionally, chatbots have various apps in higher educational institutions. These apps resolve the students’ queries regarding the educational loans, scholarship schemes, admission process and criteria and the questions related to the fee structure.

Earlier, these above-mentioned questions were reserved through phone calls and emails, but that process was costly and time-consuming.

Chatbots have resolved this problem, and it saves time and a huge administrative cost for the institutions because chatbot is cost-effective and provides results on an instant basis.

In short, we can say that chatbots resolve these queries:

  • Student queries related to admission;
  • Automated inquiry management and resolution;
  • Lead generation for educational courses.


To conclude, higher education institutions are rapidly adopting the changing technology trends and implementing them in their educational sector.

These education technology trends are making the education system more interesting, easy, and practical for the students, and it also improves their image. Further, it also improves educational integration with the industry’s relevant knowledge-based.

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