Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019. IED’s action on Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is growing. The term has spread across the world and now, more and more young people aim at becoming entrepreneurs, thus claiming positions of important stakeholders in the labor market. Building a business with an entrepreneurial spirit, however, is not easy.

People can lose faith in the process, they might be too impulsive or they might try to rush things. Entrepreneurial ideas do not work that way. One must have excellent knowledge of the concept before one engages in entrepreneurial endeavors. Finding the people that will be able to help you and teach you entrepreneurship is important. The experts here in the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development can certainly be those people.

The great number of European Projects we have implemented, focusing on entrepreneurship, has given us the ability to recognize and enhance entrepreneurship in every step. For our projects, we have created many guidebooks, handbooks, and trainings focusing on entrepreneurship.

Our developed methodologies are able to enhance the business skills of equally the workforce as well as the managers. Most importantly, we are able to help SMEs and startups get familiar with European funding which can be a great boost for them.

Three of our most indicative European Projects focusing on SMEs and the Entrepreneurial Idea are:

  • Innohabits

Building a Regional Habitat for Learning and Innovative SMEs


Service for Apprenticeships

  • Grow your Raw

Grow your Raw and Sustainable Organic Entreprise (Business development, Branding, and Investment ready program)

Here at IED, we have always been interested in developing and participating in cutting-edge research projects which focus on the development of innovative products and services in the field of entrepreneurship and business in general. Two of the key competencies for lifelong learning set by the European Parliament are digital competence and a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. The ICT invades and transforms, bit by bit, all aspects of all societies and economies and changes the way people live and behave. In iED, we try to connect the ICT sector with entrepreneurship.

Three of our most characteristic projects that connect entrepreneurship with the ICT sector are:

  • Transform@

Game-based learning course to boost the digital transformation of the rural commerce sector

  • Restart 4.0

Digital Training Toolbox to Foster EU’s industry 4.0 Revolution

  • Triple-Edge

Entrepreneurship, employability and enterprising in a digital and gaming environment

The importance of entrepreneurship in the European Union and across the world is always visible. Apart from the European Programmes and projects promoting entrepreneurship, there are a plethora of events that focus on the exact same thing. One of those events is the GEM Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a collection of tens of thousands of events, activities, and competitions each November that inspire millions to explore their potential as an entrepreneur while fostering connections and increasing collaboration within their ecosystems.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, as a research organization committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancement of the entrepreneurial spirit, is celebrating the GEW 2019. For this reason we give free access to some of the platforms and tools that we have created through all these years since our establishment at 2005.

All you have to do is to complete our contact form by writing to the body of the message “GEW 2019 – FULL ACCESS“.

Take a quick view of our platforms here By using Valuater, the user gets a professional set of financial tools in order to maximize his business’ potential, save precious time, get work done efficiently, and show his investors the potential of his startup. Igostartup is an online business platform which provides consulting services through the use of questionnaires and calculators to prospective entrepreneurs who need guidance on starting their business. Athena is an e-learning platform with over 10 courses in different topics. Below you can see the list of the courses aiming to startups. It is an online directory that lists all European Startup Companies.  It constitutes the biggest list of directories to submit a startupper his company in order to gain exposure.

We are looking forward to celebrating together the GEW 2019!

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Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Manager & Copywriter

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