How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur Without a University Degree

Today, many degree-holders are burdened under their student debts, and it will take them some good long years to pay these back. Even then, a massive percentage of these graduates don’t even have a job related to their degree. That raises a serious question — is a university degree worth it?  Things are changing, and now it is the end of globalization as we know it.

Well, it depends on what you need for your career. You can either get a job after graduation and rely on a small but steady income stream. Or, you can skip the degree and be an entrepreneur and make some serious money.

Before you go chilling and choose the second path, let me lay out the facts for you. Being an entrepreneur is not easy — it’s a challenge that’s going to test your limits.

However, there’s good news as well. It would help if you had a degree to be a doctor, lawyer, pilot, or engineer — but you don’t need one to be an entrepreneur. Want some handpicked tips to follow this career path? I got you covered — let’s dive right into it.

Work till it’s done

First and foremost: you have to work more than everyone. That’s right, EVERYONE. You’d often have to work more than 40 hours per week. But bear in mind that your hard work will pay off eventually due to the coming productivity boom.

The general rule of thumb is to work till you finish a day’s task. You shouldn’t stop working when the work hours are over — instead, keep working until the task is done.

Try failing at something

Success is not a good teacher — but failure is. If you don’t have the guts to go out there and try something risky, you can’t be an entrepreneur. Period.

Successful entrepreneurs often fail at several ideas before eventually getting things right. If you fail and give up on the first try, you, my friend, are doing it wrong. Keep working, keep trying, keep struggling until it’s done.

Get recognized

You need to get your name out there if you want people to follow your lead. For that, you have to build a network — a strong network of connections with relevant people.

Don’t shy away from showcasing your work at gatherings. Keep talking, communicating, and transferring info until everybody knows what you’re after. Please think of the four pillars of a digital strategy and make yourself well distinguished for it. But don’t overdo it, please — you don’t want to end up looking like an unprofessional freak.

Get in touch with people who could help out with your ultimate quest, and figure out ways to give something back to them in return.

Don’t get limited by your qualifications

It’s easy to get demotivated by your lack of qualification due to the pressure of society. But bear in mind that degrees are irrelevant as long as you get the info you need from other sources.

You can also try freelancing. This might be a good idea for you to become successful, you can decide about your services and how you offer them. You can become a freelance medical writer to convey new developments in the medical field to the general public.

For example, a degree of MBA for engineers is irrelevant if they can get the proper education from other, cheaper workshops. As you’re aware, an MBA is an expensive and challenging degree to get. It probably won’t help you as much as a professional workshop.

Understand this, “You can never know enough”

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can never have “too much” knowledge. If you ever stop learning thinking you now know enough, that’d probably be the end of your thriving journey.

You should never stop learning. Read every book you can find relevant to you. Take every workshop you can find. Attend every seminar that could be helpful. Join any meeting which could be of service to your knowledge base.


“You don’t need a degree to be an entrepreneur” — this quote is, indeed, very motivating, but it could be misinterpreted as well. You may think being an entrepreneur is just like being a doctor or a lawyer, but that’s not true.

The path to entrepreneurship is bumpy for degree-holders and non-graduates alike. However, with the right attitude, financial literacy, and a set of critical points in your head, you may succeed eventually.

Final word

This article is your brief guide to set off on the journey of entrepreneurship. While the tips mentioned above are meant for people who don’t have a degree, they also hold true for degree-holders.

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