How to search and find appropriate partners for your project

Erasmus+ is the EU’s program to support education, training, youth and sports in Europe. The program is supported by the European Union. With a budget of 14.7 billion euros, it enables more than 4 million Europeans per year, to study, train, gain experience and offer volunteer work, abroad. The program motivates best practice sharing by the representatives of various countries and it stimulates innovation and constant improvement. It also fosters the collaboration between the countries and universities which are partners of the program.

If you want to find a good Erasmus+ project partner, the Internet will help you greatly. There are plenty of sites dedicated to Erasmus projects and they have lots of announcements about the universities and other participants who look for the partners in specific projects. You should go through them and find the ones which are the most relevant and interesting for you. The projects should have a great potential in order you could use their outcome in future or you could acquire new important skills which will help you in professional development. You will see the contact details on the site and will be able to communicate with the contact person in order to find out the details on the project.

Another great source for the project partners is LinkedIn. You may find the groups in which the universities, professors and students are looking for the partners. This social professional network gives the possibility to communicate with the people who have submitted the announcement and discuss the details on the project. Moreover, it provides more information on the person, his or her professional development, experience and previous projects. This information will be valuable for those who are looking for the partners as it may prove or deny the fact that this is the right person to work with. This network is also great for those who is looking for professional contacts in order to discuss some questions or share experience. One can find many helpful people there.

If you cannot find the right partner online, you may apply for the national agencies who work with Erasmus+.They will give you more guidance in terms of the right places where to find the partners and what criteria to use in the process of selection. Those agencies also have the contacts of the representatives of the other countries and may help to find you a competitive project partner.

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