Social economy and entrepreneurship – an alternative for young people

Unemployment is plaguing young men and women all around the world. The financial crisis hovering above them is not giving them the chance to find work and evolve professionally. This has a very negative effect on them. As it has been proven through research, psychology plays a very important role in professional evolution and young people nowadays have been stripes of their positive feeling towards the future. They can barely dream anymore because the opportunities simply do not appear.

Everybody wants to hire someone with experience. The salaries are very low. Young people cannot find work because they do not have the experience needed and cannot gain experience because no one will hire them. It is a false cycle. And even if they do find employment the chances of getting a respectable salary are little to none.

The severe levels of unemployment are the main reason as to why in 2018 the idea of entrepreneurship is fast growing especially among young people. Getting hired is very difficult so why wait for an opportunity when they can create their own? More and more, young men and women entrepreneurs are emerging every day, trying to make their dreams come true their own way.

Entrepreneurship and its immediate connection to the Social Economy are indeed a very good alternative that can help battle youth unemployment all around the world. The ideas that can be developed within the ‘’freedom’’ that can be given by the spirit of entrepreneurship has created some of the world’s most successful companies. Young people need that freedom to continue dreaming and creating ‘’art’’ through their work.

It is important for young people to be taught about entrepreneurship. To understand exactly what it is and how they can use it to their advantage. How they can combine entrepreneurship with social economy and make a profit while, at the same time, leaving room for improvement and professional evolution.

Entrepreneurship has proven to be a great opportunity, especially for the vulnerable groups. Young people are one of those groups. Women are a part of the group, as well as, migrants. Entrepreneurship can give those groups access to countless different opportunities. The special thing about entrepreneurship is the fact that, any idea one might have, they can get a chance to try and implement it.

With the right skills and the technical knowledge, every young man and woman out there can become a true entrepreneur. The more effort you put into your work the better the results. Entrepreneurship is certainly the best alternative for young people and a great way to spread their wings and create a bright future for themselves.

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