IED Academy: The new Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub

Over the past few years, here at IED, we have noticed that research and innovation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem are not connected. This has created a major gap in the labor market. At the same time, it has also created a great opportunity. 

In our way of becoming a Center of Excellence for every entrepreneurial venture in Europe, we took on the difficult task of building the bridge and creating the solution to the problem. After months of work, we are now presenting to you our new service, IED Academy. 

What is IED Academy? 

IED Academy is a European Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub created to bridge research and innovation with the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We focus on covering the needs of all of our users, through a personalized learning environment and the best quality courses and material. 

While using IED Academy, users can: 

  • Gain access to domain focused shared knowledge 
  • Adapt to focused new methods and tools 
  • Upskill
  • Expand their network 
  • Get funding 
  • Innovate and change the world 

What is the focus of IED Academy? 

As a knowledge hub IED Academy will not limit its focus on just the basics. We are covering a wide array of different sectors that we know will play a very important role in the European entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Our focus covers the following sectors: 

  • Entrepreneurship Theory and practice 
  • Digital Industry 
  • Space Economy 
  • Society Entrepreneurship and Economy 
  • E-Health and business 
  • Agriculture/Food Entrepreneurship 
  • Environment and Circular Economy and Business 
  • Creativity and Inclusive Societies 
  • Climate and Business Transformation 
  • Energy, Society, and Entrepreneurship 
  • Business Transformation 
  • SMEs
  •  E-learning 
  • Soft Skills and Employment 

Distributing the knowledge 

One channel is no longer enough to distribute knowledge nowadays. In IED Academy we employ four major distribution channels, each one with its strengths and benefits. Academy users can benefit from all of them, choosing the form of knowledge distribution that suits their needs and preferences the most. 

Our Channels are: 

Aggregating top sources 

  • Articles 
  • YouTube Videos 
  • Audionbooks/ Podcasts 

Online focused Courses 

  • IED Courses 
  • Affiliate Programmes 

Research Publications 

  • Books 
  • Journals  
  • Papers 


  • Seminars 
  • Webinars 
  • Networking Events 

Funding opportunities with IED Academy 

IED Academy takes a step forward. We don’t stop at distributing knowledge on entrepreneurship and other subjects.. We are ready to help you put that knowledge to good use. 

Apart from providing our users with easy access to the most trending European Entrepreneurship funding topics, we are also giving them access to our two in house developed funding tools: 

  1. EUcalls 
  1. IED Accelerator Services (Coaching/Mentoring/Networking) 

(Micro)Learn with us 

Nowadays, no one has the time to spend in long, seemingly endless classes with massive amounts of data. IED Academy adopts the practice of microlearning to provide you with small, bite-sized lessons on matters like entrepreneurship. 

Microlearning has proven to be highly effective for fast and easy learning.  With learner-centric lessons and a cost-effective approach, microlessons are easy to update and able to fill skill gaps and well as boost learner motivation. 

The benefits of learning with IED Academy 

IED Academy users gain access to a platform of learning and development related to entrepreneurship. All of our material, our resources, our webinars, and seminars are gathered in one place. They gain knowledge that has derived from practice and they have the ability to shape their own growth programme based on their needs and preferences. 

IED Academy created branded learning/ development programmes for companies that can promote their ventures, help them build a network, and establish partnerships. 

Join IED Academy today. Gain access to our courses, our news, and all our latest update! 

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Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Manager & Copywriter

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