IED develops its own “Research Lab”

Implementing a European Union Project is a difficult task not just regarding the implementation process but all the technical details that come before, during and after the proposal writing. Important details that no one must forget.

Every EU project has different needs but there are some that are just the same for every project. Depending on the type of the projects these details might shift a little bit but they will remain just as important. If you are about to write a proposal about the Horizon 2020 which is one of the biggest European Financial Frameworks if not the biggest then here are a few things that you will need and the IED will be able to provide you with.

Build strong Partnerships

First and foremost you need a strong consortium. It’s all about the partners that will be by your side, implementing the project and bringing ideas on the table. The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development experts took it upon themselves to create, for the first time ever, their very own ‘’RESEARCH LAB’’.

Our experts took their time to study some of the strongest Horizon 2020 calls and came up with specific ideas and actions that can be added to a proposal and make it even more successful.

Through this action, the IED shows the professional spirit of a true expert on the field of Entrepreneurship. If you are interested in adding strong ideas to your Horizon 2020 proposal and bring it one step closer to approval then you need these ideas and the right partner to implement them. And who could be better for that than the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development?

Find the Best Ideas

If you are part of an organization, Institute of any other public or private body qualified as a leader for a Horizon 2020 project and you are looking for smart and strong ideas to add to your proposal as well as strong partners to add to your consortium the IED and their Research Lab is the right place for you to go to. Contact the office of the Institute today or declare your interest for any of the research ideas that you can find on the website. This is the right way for you to build a strong partnership and implement a truly successful Horizon 2020 project!

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