6 Life-changing Jobs for People with ADHD

People with ADHD usually struggle to find a suitable job for their condition at the beginning of their careers. For that reason, they need to be aware of their passions, their skills, but also of what it takes to be living with an ADHD brain.

People diagnosed with ADHD learn the challenges of living with it from a very young age. It is often diagnosed during the school years as it directly links with school performance or a student’s overall demeanor in the classroom. For that reason, in their attempt to cope with daily life they learn from a young age what works best in their case.

Growing up is not an exception. Even though research shows that ADHD symptoms become less prevalent in adults, this is not always the case. Adults with ADHD tend to flourish and reach their full potential under specific conditions that can be traced in the jobs listed in this article.

What is ADHD?

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and is one of the most common behavioral and neurodevelopmental disorders. Most ADHD cases are found in children and usually, ADHD symptoms dissipate with age.

However, it is not uncommon to see adults suffering from severe cases of ADHD too. These adults need to try really hard so that their ADHD does not hinder their social or professional life. That’s why it is important that they find suitable jobs for people with ADHD.

What characterizes an ADHD brain to a “normal” one are problems with focus, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

Focusing on a task at hand becomes hard as the brain is constantly racing and distracted. Hyperactive individuals find it hard to stay calm and remain seated and want to be on the move and feel the rush of adrenaline. Finally, impulsivity is doing hasty acts without much thought that can lead to unpredictable behavior.

Is ADHD a disability?

Some countries around the world consider severe cases of ADHD as a disability. This is not wrong as severe cases are having problems functioning normally even with medication. As a result, these people are also eligible to receive benefits from the state as their professional prospects are severely hampered.  

Nevertheless, only a small fraction of ADHD cases are severe. Therefore, those suffering from milder cases should be able to cope in their daily lives without a problem. In such cases, these individuals need to understand how ADHD affects their brains as not everyone exhibits the same symptoms.

It is critical to identify their strongest skills and what they enjoy doing the most. This self-reflection will help them find a job tailored to the ADHD characteristics that they can be satisfied with and perform effectively.

What jobs are good for people with ADHD?

Due to the symptoms that come with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, not all are ADHD-friendly jobs. Therefore, the work that someone is looking for should have specific characteristics that are known to help an ADHD person to thrive at the workplace such as:

  • high-intensity,
  • fast pace,
  • and an ultra-structured environment.

Also, having ADHD would also help to know what jobs to avoid. Typically, as these individuals prefer a faster-paced environment, they should avoid jobs that are:

  • Dull,
  • Boring,
  • Repetitive,
  • Sedentary

Having identified the characteristics that distinguish a good job from a bad one when it comes to ADHD, let’s see some of the best jobs for people with ADHD there are.

6 jobs that are perfect for people with ADHD

The existence of a one-size-fits-all job for people with ADHD, but unfortunately that is not the case here. The principles that apply to the rest of the employees also apply to this case. So, if you are having ADHD, the best place to start while looking for a job is to find what you want to do.

For instance, you could be passionate about the environment. If this is true, finding a job that keeps you in touch with nature would be your best choice as nothing can beat passion at work. The ideal is to align our passions with our careers to always enjoy what we are doing.

Unfortunately, not all of us are aware of our passions and this list of jobs for people with ADHD is about those who are yet to find their own. You can use the list below to identify new career pathways that will allow you to unravel your full potential and put your natural skills to work.   

1. Teacher

Being a teacher with ADHD is a huge plus especially for your students. Such teachers can spot students with ADHD easier, understand their challenges, and accommodate their needs. However, teaching with ADHD is not smooth sailing.

First, you should find joy in working with children as they can really test your patience and your focus on the important tasks. But your dynamic and restless personality should grab the attention of your classroom with ease.

2. Chef

To become a good chef, you should have a passion for food. This is a job for people with ADHD as professional kitchens are fast-paced and dynamic environments where they could thrive. Also, it is a very hands-on profession with a lot of movement. Recipes may be the same, but they are all subject to improvements.

3. Hairstylist

Same as the above, working as a hairstylist guarantees that you can never bore yourself. You are going up and down all the time cutting, washing, sweeping, or drying hair. Each client is a new experience as everyone has different demands for hairstyle.

4. Small-business owner

Being a small-business owner is always a struggle and boredom is not a word you could use to describe it. First of all, you could actualize your passions like selling your handicrafts. What makes it appealing to someone with ADHD are the flexible work hours and the need to be constantly strategizing to be ahead of your competition.   

5. Artist

The impulsiveness and the disorganization that characterize someone with ADHD make great artists. Many people cannot work under pressure or in a fast-paced, competitive, and chaotic environment such as a theater for example. But this creates an ideal environment for artists with ADHD to thrive.  

6. Athlete

Sports draw a lot of people from a very young age. Some become athletes just to pass their time or as an excuse to exercise more. But for some, like those having ADHD, doing sports is necessary to spend their energy and feel more at ease. Of course, you can always be play sports as an amateur. But if your ADHD is also accompanied by physical capabilities that are critical for your sport, there is no excuse not to go professional.    


ADHD is more common than we think. Depending on the severity of each ADHD it can have also a negative effect on individuals and most importantly on their career prospects. Whoever is diagnosed with ADHD should first be aware of his or her passions. Then, what type of jobs seem more suitable for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Knowing these, they can focus on specific professions early on without losing time to experimentation and avoiding feelings of frustration.

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