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Mental Health and Wellbeing: 5 Useful Tips

Mental Health and Wellbeing: 5 Useful Tips

Μental health and wellbeing are two concepts without discernible boundaries. The definition of wellbeing is “the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”. This concept is a complicated one, as it is about: a person assessing one’s life and feelings. In addition, it is about a person’s functionality, both in terms of personal and social framework. And, the following components of physical; mental; economic; and, social wellbeing, constitute this concept.

Mental Health Versus Mental Wellbeing

Mental health is a concept colored by cultural context. Namely, the definition of the concept depends on the cultural frame. However, mental health is a nonidentical term to mental wellbeing; and, we should not be confusing mental wellbeing for mental health; the differences are not conspicuous.

Mental health is a vast term, which contains the concept of mental wellbeing, among others. Mental wellbeing is about a person’s mental profile, who can overcome everyday stresses and obstacles; and, to a greater extent contribute to the community. Therefore, mental wellbeing conveys the positive sign of mental health, as a concept.

The Relationship Between Mental Health and Wellbeing

Facing low mental wellbeing, for a period of time, is a parameter that affects mental stability. It appears that if you have a mental illness, it does not exclude you from experiencing periods of good wellbeing. Therefore, having a mental illness would affect a person’s mental wellbeing. And, by extension one’s wellbeing. Namely, the relationship between the two is multi-factorial, rather than a bidirectional one.

Five (5) Tips towards a Healthy Mental Wellbeing

Here are five (5) tips that facillitate a person’s healthy mental wellbeing:

  • Maintaining social relationships;
  • Being active physically;
  • Maintaining reciprocal relations;
  • Expand your knowledge;
  • Be present, here and now.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED), functioning as an observer, acknowledges the need and importance of these two terms. Our institution participates actively in numerous European programs of pertinent content; and, invites anyone, who would like to participate, in any way, regarding this subject; to get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to reply.

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