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Organisational structures for modern enterprises

modern enterprises

What is an organisational structure? Why are modern enterprises different than the ones before? Is the labor market changing? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Here is everything you need to know about building your modern enterprise in the right organisational structure.

Traditional organisational structures

When it comes to the organisational structure if you do a little bit of online research or you are familiar with the concept in general you’re going to realise that there are a lot of different types of structures for a company. The most common structure is the one with the president of the company or the CEO in the lead, certain managers, and then the departments.

Basically, in this organisational structure, you have a very basic type of organisation. One leader, a few that are second in command and the crew. A lot of modern enterprises nowadays are changing this particular organisational structure. This structure does work but in the world, we live in you need change.

A change in the labour market?

At the moment, on a worldwide level we noticed that there are a lot of new opinions coming in regarding the society and the way people interact with each other. 10 years ago or even 20 years ago being a part of the crew of a big company was a secure job and quite a satisfying one. Nowadays people want more.

When a person is entering a company as an employee they are aspiring to eventually get a raise, get a promotion, and of course, become better at what they do in every way. A company that does not support such actions for the employees is not the kind of company that can be considered modern. On the contrary, modern enterprises are based on this particular premise.

Opportunities in the workplace

Go online and try to find job ads from companies all around the world. You will notice that one of the most important things these companies are promising is professional Ascension. If you start working for that company, you will have the opportunity to learn more, enhance your skills and competencies as well as your professional and eventually become a manager within the company. And this is something that speaks to people.

If you are thinking about building a modern enterprise nowadays, the first thing you will want to do would be to provide your employees with the opportunity of revolution. As a result, you will need to change the organisational structure of the company itself. Of course, the CEO will always remain at the position.

There is always room for professional revolution

However, managers will change. Instead of having one manager for one department, you could separate the department in smaller sections and have a lot of different managers. This kind of organisational structure is effective for three reasons. Number one, the employees with managerial positions will know that they are important stakeholders within the company and therefore will work harder.

The employees that are still part of the crew know that they do have the opportunity to evolve as the company evolves and three, it is a lot easier to map, organise and keep track of the activities of your employees when you have different departments and different managers instead of having different departments and one manager for each department.

Define your organisational structure

Another part of the organisational structure of the company that is actually not so well known but is becoming more and more essential nowadays is the establishment of an HR department. Unfortunately, a lot of companies, all the companies do not have a Human Resources Department which is a big mistake.

In most countries nowadays, the Human Resources Department is a necessity. In some cases, it is even illegal to build a company without a professional human resources department. The main reason why that is is that nowadays people demand the opportunity and ability to speak during their work and know that there are boys that will be heard.

If you want your business to be considered one of the modern enterprises, friendly to new employees, and capable of change that you will need an HR department that will be there for your employees. They need to know that, in case they need to complain about something, talk about potential changes in their departments, discuss promotions or even consider the change of certain things within the business, there will be a person or people there that will listen to them and will take their requests to Hume, the CEO.


Apart from the legal structure of your business which is something very specific depending on the business, you will want to establish, the internal organisational structure will depend on a lot of different things. Are you selling products? Then you will need to add the assembly line as part of your organisational structure which will require you to set up an entirely different model of organisation.

Are you selling services? Then you need to understand that the force of the company is your employees. You will need to build your organisational structure around them to make sure that you will keep them happy and satisfied so that they will want to work harder and better for you.

Organization is very important for every modern business. Find the recipe for yours. It is true that nowadays there is no such thing as a specific pattern for every modern business. What suits your business the most?

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