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From the beginning to the end, the implementation of a European project is a difficult task that only the best professionals can complete. EU projects require expertise, ingenuity, focus and innovative thinking to achieve maximum results.

However, the process begins long before the implementation. It starts in the proposal writing phase. The most important phase of the project. Unless the proposal is successful, the project will never see the light of day. At the same time, even if the proposal is successful, the budget requested could be reduced based on potential effectiveness.

The proposal writer is just as important as the project manager at the beginning of the process if not more. The work of the proposal writer determines the outcome of the overall effort. Smaller calls might seem easy but they require the same amount of experience, expertise, and innovative way of thinking to successfully reach the appropriate goals.

Being a successful proposal writer

Success in proposal writing is measured in different ways. There is the most common factor, of course, the number of successful proposals one has written. However, some proposal writers will argue that the evaluation is a much more important factor and it can be a much more accurate way to measure a proposal writer’s work.

Big calls with massive budgets tend to attract a much bigger audience. As a result, more proposals are being submitted, reducing the potential to get approved. That however does not mean that a proposal will get a bad evaluation.

Being able to work on proposals under multiple different fields is also a way to measure the work of a proposal writer. You need to have expertise on a specific matter but proposal writers have the opportunity to explore more options.  Expanding their knowledge and expertise can make them more marketable in a somewhat closed labor market.

The best qualities of a proposal writer

Proposal writers need to have a certain pool of skills and competencies that will make them qualified for the work. Starting of a proposal writer needs to have a certain educational level that will guarantee their ability to do research and create successful proposals.

As a proposal writer, communication skills also play a very important role in the outcome of your work. Proposal writers usually require support and they cannot achieve the best possible collaboration without being perfectly capable of communicating with their team.

To create compelling proposals with a real potential of getting approved, you will need to have enhanced persuasive tactics and excellent documentation to combine with strong skills.

An analyzing way of thinking is also important. Proposal writers need to be able to analyze their idea before they put it on paper. An analytical way of thinking will allow proposal writers to find better sources and create more accurate and fund-worthy proposals.

A successful writer must also be able to interpret all technical requirements and the objectives of the call as well as all the important documentation needed to create the proposal. Finally, the writer must be able to read and review their work, perfectly, before submitting it for the funding.

Are you a proposal writer?

If you are an aspiring proposal writer who wants to enter the world of EU funding or an experienced proposal writer looking for more opportunities, IED is the best collaborator for you.

We are on the lookout for the best talents in proposal writing. Do you want to work on exciting EU projects focusing on Entrepreneurship? Be part of a growing network of specialists/freelancers that help our clients complete their EU projects today. Our team will contact you and discuss possible ways of collaboration.

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Financial Officer

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