Simplified call for tender Online Hackathon Design and Implementation Service

Application Deadline: 21-Sep-2020 (Midnight Brussels, Belgium)

Type of Contract: Purchase of Services

Contract Value: EUR 18,000.00 (Euro eighteen thousand/00)

Language(s) Required: English

Indicative Duration of Contract: October – December 2020 (maximum 40 person days)


This service is offered through the easyRights project, which is funded by the EU through the Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020) and involves partners from Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain and the UK. The project’s main objective is to combine co-creation and AI technology to facilitate understanding and access of non-EU immigrants to services they are entitled to. Its activities include the organisation of 2 hackathons (2020-2021 and 2021-2022) in each of the 4 pilot sites of Birmingham (UK), Larissa (EL), Malaga (ES) and Palermo (IT), to procure the development of original and innovative IT applications in line with the technical features of the easyRights platform and to improve the local public administration services.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the first round of 4 hackathons will be held online. The purpose of this service is to design the concept and blueprint of the online hackathon to be deployed on the 4 pilot sites, to test it in the context of a simulated hackathon with all the easyRights consortium members, and finally to assure the effective support of the 4 online hackathon events for the 4 pilots.

Legal basis

This simplified call for tender is issued in compliance with the Italian public procurement law as well as with the internal procurement regulation of Politecnico di Milano ( and the General Conditions of Contract published as Annex D to this call. Applicable legislation is that of Italy. Competent court is in Milan.

Required tasks and associated deliverables

In the above context, the Service provider will formulate a technical offer to perform the following activities:

  • Design a concept note to guide the online hackathon event from preparation to full development and finalization
  • Oversee and support the organization of an online hackathon in collaboration with the easyRights project coordinator, Politecnico di Milano, and all members of the consortium
  • Supervise and support the pilots remotely in the implementation of the 4 on site hackathon events.

Pricing and payments

Based on a market analysis performed before the launch of this simplified call for tender the contract has a fixed price, VAT excluded, which will be paid in two installments of equal amounts. The first installment will be paid no later than one month after the approval of Deliverable 2 under the condition that Deliverable 1 was previously approved. The balance will be settled after the approval of Deliverable 3. Payments will only occur upon the presentation of a regular invoice and request for payment to Politecnico di Milano. The approximate number of person days expected for the full delivery of this service is 40.

Admissibility requirements

The call is open to any kind of individual or grouped entities, including associations, professionals and natural persons (non-VAT holders) and/or any other economic operator. However natural persons cannot participate alone but only as members of a larger grouping. To be invited to present a proposal, candidates should send an email request to, declaring under their responsibility that they are in possession (either individually or jointly) of the following credentials:

  • At least 5 years of professional experience in organizing hackathons or hackathon-like events 
  • Proven experience in organising online hackathons, (preferably international audience, in English)
  • Residence or establishment in an EU Member or Associated State or EEA country;
  • Possession of an adequate IT infrastructure
  • Fluent in spoken and written English  

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