How social entrepreneurship can reduce youth unemployment

In a world full of options, we still notice that young people are having trouble identifying the opportunities that will give them a successful financial future. The labor market is governed by big industries but we still notice that entrepreneurship is becoming more and more important.

Creating new job positions

Young people have the potential of creating new and innovative ideas that can shape the labor market in a completely different way. And although more and more people are getting into it, there are still some parts of entrepreneurship that have not yet been fully explored.

Social entrepreneurship is one of them and the reason behind that is the very concept of the idea. Social entrepreneurship is by nature easy to understand but not that easy to implement as a concept for a business. Older people find it more difficult to do so.

Social entrepreneurship is key

However, for young people, social entrepreneurship is a great way to create new businesses and of course, the very idea reduces youth unemployment. Social entrepreneurship is easier for young people because it is young people who are by nature promoting it.

Social entrepreneurship is all about the positive impact a business can have on society. The innovation behind entrepreneurship gives young people the attitude they need to face all the important challenges met today.

By acquiring the appropriate knowledge on all things related to entrepreneurship and in particular social entrepreneurship, instead of looking for job opportunities, young people can start creating their own. All they will need will be the idea and access to a computer to make it a reality.

Bringing your idea to life

As a young person interested in social entrepreneurship, the first thing you need to remember is that your idea needs to have a positive impact on society. By creating a solid business plan for that idea, you can start pitching out to investors and focus on finding appropriate funding that help you set up.

In most cases, the budget you will need might not even be that massive. On the contrary, your computer will be all you need to start. Now the more impactful your idea, the more likely you are to score some good partnerships and take things to the next level.

As your social enterprise evolves, so will your need to hire more people. In other words, not only will you be creating a job opportunity for you, but you will also be doing the same for more young people who are looking for employment. 

Become a social entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurship can foster a plethora of different ideas and give birth to many business opportunities. Are you ready to become a social entrepreneur and your own boss?

Our EU funded project “SEYW: The added value of Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Work” can provide you with appropriate training material that will help you enhance your skills and competencies, learn more about social entrepreneurship and how to implement your ideas!

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