Web Entrepreneurship and New Career Opportunities

The new digital era has been welcomed with controversial views. However, one undoubtable aspect of this epoque is the development of new occupations and opportunities in the field of web entrepreneurship. Whatever your idea, web entrepreneurship provides the chance to turn your vision into business and work on sectors that satisfy you.

The need has arisen for people, especially youth, to acquire knowledge, skills, tools, to take advantage of the new perspectives and enter dynamically the web entrepreneurship world.

Venturing the field of online business, requires less initial investment rather that starting a traditional business. The career paths are limitless and with the rise of e- commerce every entrepreneur will have the opportunity to provide their products, services all over the world. Moreover, according to data, the technological advances such as storing information in the cloud and online payment options, facilitate the process of starting an online business.

People with fewer opportunities are even more eligible for this career path. Developing and managing an online business rather than a traditional activity iseasier for migrants, low-income people, people with disabilities or people geographically isolated. Our project E-mprover, funded by the European Commission is focusing on this exact topic, thus meaning the development of competences in the field of web entrepreneurship, to contribute to the social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

The goal will be achieved through the project’s deliverables consisting of 3 modules (How to Plan a Web Business, How to Manage a Web Company, and Use ICT to Promote and Sell on Internet), an E-learning Platform and a Virtual Online Training Tutorial.

The never-ending demand for content, products, and services indicates the longevity and future possibilities of online businesses. If you want to stay involved and receive more information about our E-mprover project, please visit us here:

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Vasilis Bouronikos
Content & Communication Manager

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